Saturday, October 25, 2014
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We Found You!

Menopause Coach Founders Dr. Ray and Sheri GoddardThis website and this community was created for the purpose of "Empowering You Through the Climax of Your Life in Body, Mind, and Spirit" - Empowerment comes from many, many sources - and we would like to share "Empowerment Tips" with you that will help you feel connected, confident, and conscious. Sign Up Here


Have You Used This Recalled Vaginal Lubricant?

Which vaginal lubricant for you?  Be aware of what products you are using! Are you kidding me?  A recall on over 69,000 units of a product made for vaginal... Read More ...

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Your Body

How Do You Feel About This Menopause Treatment?

Have you noticed all the drug commercials on television and the radio trying to get your attention?  The author of this article points out the pharmaceutical... Read More ...

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Do you feel you are afraid of getting older?  Do You have anxiety over how your life is right now and what may happen to you in the future?  Are these... Read More ...

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Weight Loss

Looking For The Best Weight Loss Plan For Menopause Women?

Weight loss is a HUGE business!  How many “diets” have you seen come and go away over the years?  Weight loss does not have to be a big mystery! ... Read More ...

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Mind and Spirit

Can Daily Affirmations Help You Change Your Mindset?

I love sharing this article with you because I am sure it is something you can relate to.  I have said things like this in the past, years ago before... Read More ...

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