What Is Vaginal Dryness?

 A declining estrogen level, (less estrogen production) is the most common cause of vaginal dryness. This leads to thinning and drying of the vaginal wall, which causes sexual intimacy to become painful.

You may find yourself trying to avoid sexual relations with your partner just because it has become painful and you don’t know why or what you can do about it.

The latest statistics show:

·    95% of all adult women suffer from occasional vaginal dryness. The birth of a child, stress and diet are common factors.

·    Vaginal dryness affects 50% of post-menopausal women aged 51-60.

·    54% of sexually active women (39 million) express a desire to improve sexual intimacy and performance in their relationships.


The first time I noticed the dryness and pain associated with intimacy, I thought something was horribly wrong. I wondered if I had some disease! It was very scary until I did some research.

After seeing my Gynecologist, I had confirmation of what was going on. I was in perimenopause but didn’t even realize it.

However, as mentioned above, there can be other reasons for vaginal dryness besides perimenopause.

According to Time Magazine October 21, 2009:  ” Most of the lubricants in the U.S. – drugstores sold $82 million worth of them that year – contain chemicals found in oven cleaner, brake fluid and antifreeze.” Hard to believe!

I have tried many of the lubricants on the market such as K-Y Jelly and AstroGlide but there was always a reason I continued my search for the perfect one.The marketing was always appealing but something lacked in the product.

The one I finally decided on, I use on a regular basis, and I would not want to be without it.

Made with high quality ingredients, Aloe Cadabra contains 95% aloe (certified organic) which has many healing properties by itself. Aloe Cadabra also has Vitamin E Oil and a few other ingredients. It is made with food-grade ingredients for your health and safety.

It does not dry out during that time of intimacy, it does not irritate or cause a burning feeling in the vaginal walls, and it is non-toxic. Because it is made with food-grade ingredients, if you ingested this product, it would not hurt you.

How many times have you EVER heard that?

This is very important as we are constantly putting toxins into our bodies on a daily basis without even noticing. Toxins can make a huge difference in the way you will experience symptoms of menopause or even hormonal imbalances.

If you aren’t familiar with toxins we are putting into our bodies daily, Click HERE

Aloe Cadabra offers free shipping on every order and a money-back guarantee.

Enhance your sex life starting now!

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Written by Sheri Goddard, Menopause Coach




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