Could Your Holiday be Less Stressful?

We just got through one holiday and look out; here comes the next big stressor!  Some people actually dread the holidays because of all the added stress!

How many people are you committed to buying gifts for?   Would your holiday be less stressful if one person did not do all of the work and everyone got together and came up with a solutions that would fit everyone’s holiday budget for time and money?

If you are hosting a family or friend get together over the Christmas holidays, you have your work cut out for you.  You have the cleaning, shopping, cooking, baking, organizing, wrapping, Christmas card sending and on and on, on top of your regular responsibilities. I recommend to get cooked food and hire Littleton C0 house cleaning services to clean your home and you have more free time to do things you enjoy.

I can remember many years ago when I was first married.  We would spend money we didn’t really have and buy gifts for everyone who was going to attend our family function on my ex- husband’s side of the family.  They bought something for us, so we felt we had to reciprocate. 

I wish I had had the guts then to stand up and say, enough!  I could have changed the tradition and saved everyone the money and time.  Buying gifts wasn’t what it was about!

 The most important part was that everyone who wanted to be there got there safely.  Everyone was healthy and we were able to share our love, conversation and holiday food with each other.

Do you agree?  Is there something you could do to eliminate some of the stress of the gift buying for your situation?   I understand when children are involved but not so much with adults.  If you feel overwhelmed when you think about all that “needs to be done”, break the old tradition and start a new one that works better for you and everyone else involved.

After having gone through menopause, I seem to have a lot more courage and wisdom than when I was younger.  I could speak up now and do what I am asking you to do.  It is your time too.  Make it count.

 Some tips to consider:

·        Open up the communication to see how it could work better.

·        Have a family meeting and delegate responsibilities.

·        Ask for suggestions to eliminate some of the stress on everyone involved.   

                       (Others may feel the same way you do – you just don’t know.)

·        What if you drew names and everyone buys one gift?

·        What if your family donated a gift or money to their favorite charity?

·        What if you donated to a family who is homeless?

·        Try not to worry about what is out of your control

·        Keep up your exercise program – if you don’t have one, start walking for 15  minutes a day

·        Try to eat healthy food, limit your sugar and caffeine

·        Eight hours of sleep each night is really important

·        Listen to something positive everyday


No shortage of people or animals that are in need of help.  So many people are struggling just to get by day to day.

Most important:  Remember that family, friends and giving are what make the holiday special, not the gifts or expensive decorations.

So what can you do to make next years  holiday more memorable, enjoyable and with less stress?

Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday!


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