How often do you take care of yourself or reserve time to do something special just for you?

Is it possible to put some time aside every week for a couple of hours just for you?  You would probably call that a luxury or pampering yourself.  After getting through the holiday, don’t you need that and don’t you deserve that?  Would it help you mentally and give your life more balance?

Some people go on a “date” with themselves.  In Julia Cameron’s book, The Artists Way, it is called an artist date.  It is time for you to be with yourself.  Sometimes to get this started, you may have to force yourself.

Do You Need This For Your Mental Health?

Your date can be whatever you want it to be.  How about going to an antique store, browsing a favorite book store or a specialty store?   What is something you would enjoy doing alone and  would look forward to?  It could be working in your garden, reading a good book, getting a pedicure, going for a walk, taking a nap, etc.

The problem is as Moms, wives or daughters we tend to put ourselves last on all of our lists.  We make sure everyone else has what they need, then we hope there is left-over time for us.

I used to go on an “artist date” on a regular basis – what happened?  It was a special time I really looked forward to.  I didn’t have to spend money, I just made a list of things I would enjoy doing alone.

I love stepping back in time at antique stores and bringing back memories of things I saw in my Grandmothers house when I was young.  I went to a sanctuary nearby and walked the labyrinth.   I have gone to have  coffee at my favorite place.  I even stayed home and spent the time beading or doing Encaustic Art.

I am sure when you think about a date with yourself you have many ideas that will come to you.  I urge you to try this.  It can be a lot of fun. 

Put the time on your calendar so you really take it seriously.  When your family sees you take it seriously, then they will do that too.  Make a commitment to yourself.  Even if you do this every two weeks or once a month, just start!   Schedule it!

You really do deserve this!  Will you send me a message to let me know what special activity you did for yourself?

If you have ADHD, you might want to neurofeedback therapy as adhd treatment. This might help you in a lot of different ways and to cure you of mental illness.

– Sheri Goddard

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