New studies by the British medical publication, BMJ Open, show that people taking sleeping aids – prescription medications for getting to sleep and staying asleep, are FAR more likely (up to four times more) to die from cancer and a premature death than those people who never take any sleeping medications!

Ambien, Lunesta, Restoril and Sonata are the names of these prescription medications.

There is a slice of the U.S. population, approximately 6 to 10% that relies on these dangerous medications to get any sleep at night.  It is a huge problem for people.

You are so tired!  You can’t concentrate or focus at work and you make mistakes which puts your job at risk.  Do you need that added stress?

Your immune system hasn’t had a chance to recover – you are more susceptible to catch anything and everything going around!

Your joints and your body in general – just plain hurt!

Your emotions are out of whack – you over react to everything that comes your way but feel like you have no control!

Your relationships with your poor family are stained right now.  They try to avoid you at all costs, not knowing how you will react!

You could easily be involved in a car accident and seriously hurt yourself or someone else by accident!

You are gaining weight because your body is in fat-storing mode instead of fat-burning mode!  Plus, your body is not getting the proper nutrition needed because you have no energy to cook healthy food for yourself or your family!

In addition to those things going on in your life, not getting your “good quality” sleep at night puts you at risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer!

Wouldn’t you like to have control of your life back?  Are you willing to make some changes in your lifestyle instead of trying to rely on prescription medications that clearly show they are unsafe and are linked to an earlier death?

So what is your alternative to taking dangerous prescription sleeping medications?

1-    Make sure your bedroom is used for sleep/intimacy only and is completely dark when it is time to go to sleep.

2-    Try having a small snack of cottage cheese, a piece of cheese or turkey, or a banana before bed.  Having an empty stomach won’t wake you up – plus tryptophan is in turkey and dairy products and helps to bring on sleep.

3-   In the evening, avoid any foods that are sugary, caffeinated or grains that raise your blood sugar levels.  Try to have your largest meal at lunchtime.

Click Here to find out about the relationship between weight loss and sleep

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