Do you think you are ready to move on after going through your midlife divorce?

If you are having or already had a midlife divorce, most likely it  is one of the most stressful times in your life.  Some of you saw it coming, maybe for years and others may feel like your marriage was just fine, but as you suddenly found out, your partner did not feel that way. 

Even if it turns out that you really wanted a divorce, it can still be a painful process for you.  It is important that you recognize the pain and that you deal with it at the time of divorce before moving on to the next relationship.

Are You Ready To Move On After Your Midlife Divorce?

This article is written by Diane Adkins who gives some good advice to help you find your way through the divorce and what to do for yourself before you move on to your next relationship.

[jbox color=”pink” title=”Women, It Takes Time to Move On After a Midlife Divorce”] by Diane Adkins


Whether you initiated your midlife divorce or found yourself suddenly out of the relationship you thought was stable, divorce makes a big impact on your life.  Beyond the obvious physical challenges of splitting your finances and determining ownership of property are the psychological and emotional effects.   

Middle aged women often emerge from their years or decades of faithful marriage unsure of how to move forward in their lives.  Defining yourself as a loving wife for a long period of time makes it painful to adjust to the newly single role again.

Divorce recovery is one of the best ways to find yourself again after ending a relationship.  Even if you were only married for a short time, you changed your perception of you to fit your new role as a married woman.  When you go through a divorce, you need to spend some time discovering who you are now instead of just going back to the woman you were before the marriage.

Growing and learning from your experiences, gives you a much better chance of approaching new relationships in a healthy way.

Seeking help with acclimating to life after divorce does not make you weak.  It simply means you are intelligent enough to recognize the need for healing.  The end of any long term relationship leaves both parties feeling hurt, angry and confused.

Click here to read the rest of the article and to get more suggestions about taking care of you during your midlife divorce.


Diane Adkins is a certified life coach, certified neuro-linguistic practitioner, and owner of Better Beyond™ Coaching Solutions, and has dedicated her life to being a Midlife Divorce Recovery Specialist helping women to start living the life they deserve after a midlife divorce.


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