What is a troche and how can it help you?   In case you are curious, it is pronounced (troh-key.)

Being in perimenopause or menopause, you may be experiencing symptoms such as  not being able to sleep at night.  You wake up grouchy and have no energy because you are totally exhausted!

You have night sweats and wake up drenched!   You have to get up and actually put another night gown on, change the sheets and try to go back to sleep!   But now you are wide awake!

What about hot flashes?  You are with a group of workers from your job and all of a sudden, everyone is staring at you – you have sweat running down your face, melting your make-up and causing your clothing  to stick to you!  You look like you just ran a five mile marathon in 90 degree heat!

Your symptoms may have to do with low libido or having mood swings!  Your relationship with your honey and your family has never been worse!

What Is A Troche And How Can It Help You?

You may experience these symptoms as many women do when they are in perimenopause – the time when your hormones are decreasing, fluctuating and trying to readjust to the imbalance taking place  in your body.

You may have already discussed your issues with your doctor and you have come to the decision that you want to try the bio-identical hormones.  Are you going to take them in pill form or just what choices do you have on the delivery system of getting them into your body effectively?

First, I say good for you and your decision!  You came to that decision instead of caving into asking for or accepting a prescription for the synthetic hormones. You must have done your research!

The synthetic hormones are not one size fits all, they are not something “natural” to your body, and animals (horses) suffer in the process of the manufacturing of them.
[jbox color=”pink” title=”Your choices of how to get the dose of hormones into your body are by using these forms:”]

    • creams
    • pills
    • suppositories
    • patch form
    • injections [/jbox]

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of those choices, mostly disadvantages.  Some of those disadvantages being inconvenient, unsafe and unreliable.

The trans-dermal option – applied through the skin, has become more popular in the last 15 years.  The bio-identical hormone dose for your specific needs would be in a patch form that would be put on your skin to be absorbed.

Using creams, suppositories and troches are also considered trans-dermal.  They bypass the important organs and that is always a good option.

What is a troche and how can it help you?  

You never hear much about troche being a choice of delivery for getting the hormones into your system.

When you use the bio-identical hormones in a troche form, your body will recognize these as they are exactly like your own hormones.  Your  body accepts, applies and stabilizes these as your own hormones.

Troches can be different flavors so that they are easily taken like a little lozenge.  The dosage is placed between the gum and the cheek, so the hormones are dissolved into the blood stream. 

To maintain levels of your hormones, you should dose every 12 hours as your own hormones last somewhere between 8 and 12 hours as well.
As the lining of the mouth is thin and rich in blood supply, it only takes the process of delivering the hormones about 30 minutes total, to be absorbed. 

As you can see, it is a very convenient form and has been known to be reliable dating all the way back to the 1800’s for taking medications.

It seems to me from my research that the troche is the best form of taking bio-identical hormones.  If I were taking any, that is the form I would use.

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