Do you remember when you were young, how you could get by on little or no sleep for a period of time, and still seemed to function at an okay level, maybe even higher than just okay?

But now that you are older, you realize how important your sleep is to you and how it feels when you aren’t getting enough sleep or quality sleep.  You will do almost anything just to know how to sleep better!

If you do have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep, you know how it feels to wake up, look at the clock and say, if only I had one more hour to sleep!  But in your heart, you know you have to get going now.  You don’t have any spare time to dilly dally.  You are so tired and keep thinking…please…just one more hour!

You have a hard time focusing at work when you don’t sleep.  Time drags and you are dragging – no energy to move as fast as you should.  You can’t focus, you feel irritable about every little thing.  Your relationships that are important to you suffer.  You have even noticed some weight gain.  How can that be?

Could it be your diet, eating too late or eating the wrong foods?  Could it be your crammed schedule after you get home with no time to relax?  Could it be the tension at home between you and your partner or could it be the lack of money coming in to pay the bills?  Could it be your partner’s snoring?  Could it be lack of organization in your home or in your bedroom?

There really are so many reasons why you aren’t able to sleep soundly at night.  You get in bed and you are tossing and turning – oops, you just realized you ate some chocolate just an hour ago.

You may have eaten dinner too late.  You may have watched something violent on television and can’t get it out of your head.  Maybe too many electrical devices around you when you are trying to sleep and they are affecting your electro-magnetic field.

Research says that just having a television in your bedroom interrupts your sleep.  Is it possible that your bedroom is so junked up that it clutters your mind to just walk in there?  As you get older and become aware of your health, you want better sleep.

So do you want to know how to sleep better?

Let’s take an inventory of your bedroom.  Walk into your bedroom and answer these questions for yourself.”

  • What does your bedroom look like?  Do you resonate with the colors on the wall and the color of the decor?  Is the color soothing to you?
  • Is it cluttered with clothes lying around that need to be hung up or put into the laundry basket?  Do you have clothes that don’t fit and need to be donated?
  • Is there a computer in your bedroom?
  • Is there a television in your bedroom?
  • Is it really light so that it doesn’t get very dark during your sleeping hours?  Do you have shades that make it dark enough for sleeping?
  • Do you have piles of old papers, newspapers or books lying around?
  • Is it cluttered with too much furniture and you can barely walk?
  • At night, if you have to get up to use the bathroom, could you trip over stuff in the walkway?
  • Just looking around, what could you improve about it?
  • Is your bedroom used only for sleeping and intimacy or do you work in the bedroom?
  • Do you think there may be something on this list that will make a difference in how to sleep better?


There is a HUGE difference between sleep and quality sleep.  Quality sleep allows you the amount of sleep you require and are able to get exactly that without waking up during the night.

Your body goes into the deep levels of sleep to help repair, boost your immune system, slow down aging process as well as make you feel refreshed, revitalized and ready for the day when you wake up!

Want to Know How to Sleep Better?

You may not even need an alarm clock because you slept so well that you actually feel rested!  You woke up on your own – without the alarm going off.

Maybe you don’t literally jump out of bed but you could, because it feels like the difference between day and night.  You slept all the way through the night and you feel happy, refreshed, energetic and ready to take on the world!


“Helping You Live An ALIGNED Life in a Mis-Aligned World”
Sheri Goddard, co-founder of

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