Do you remember the movie “The Secret?” 

“The Secret”  teaches certain universal laws, specifically the law of attractionBy focusing on what you want, you can attract it into your life.  Or put this way, what you think about, is what you bring about.

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Do You Apply It In Your Life?

I have read different interpretations of  “The Secret” but I really like this one by Owen Waters.  He goes a little beyond which seems to be what you need to know – the how part of it and he shares his secret with you.
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The movie-documentary, “The Secret,” skillfully promotes the Law of Attraction and the idea that thoughts become things.  The more you pay attention to things, the more they are encouraged to manifest.

Much of the focus of “The Secret” is on financial abundance, which is one part of the complete principle of abundance.  Abundance, in its natural, unrestricted state of flow, applies to everything in your life.  Abundance in love, laughter, health, joy and material comfort is perfectly natural and desirable.

If a person is financially poor when they could choose abundance, then they probably have some issue inside that is blocking the natural flow.

My own secret of material abundance recognizes that work is necessary, but it makes the work easy. Here is my secret:

If you spend your time doing work that you love, you will find such work absorbing.  When you are absorbed by work that you love, it seems like no effort at all.  As time passes, because your attention is absorbed by your work, you naturally become highly skilled, even adept, at what you do.

Then, you become valuable to employers or, in business, to your own customers.  You then, by default, become highly paid or highly rewarded.

“Follow your inner joy” may sound like an overused cliche, but it is actually the key to abundance.  It all starts with this key question:  What is the most exciting thing I could possibly be doing right now to enhance my long-term, inner joy?”

The state of regular, conscious thinking often contains self-limiting filters like skepticism, fears, or a lack of self-esteem.  So, for the most inspired and imaginative results,ask that key question near the end of a deep, 20-minute meditation session.  That way, your inner possibilities can come forward into your consciousness without being filtered.

Then, find a way to do that most exciting possibility.  Time to ask yourself another question. 

To find out your next question, go to Beyond the Secret and read the rest of this valuable article by Owen Waters.


 Owen Waters is editor and co-founder of Infinite Being LLC.  He promotes a philosophy of spiritual empowerment through inner connection to the source of your ultimate potential.  His website is  Do you feel like you know more about the law of attraction now, and how to apply it in your life?

If you feel you are stuck in your life and would like to attract what you really want into your life, check out MiracleMind.  Dr. Ray and I have been involved in this process, and we highly recommend it for you!  It does work!

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