Are you having night sweats?

Has this happened to you? Have you been awakened in the middle of the night because you were soaking wet? Your nightgown was drenched in sweat. You touched the bedsheets and they also were soaked! You were sweating while asleep but then you were cold!

You know you will have to wake up your husband/partner to get out of bed, change into something that is dry and probably even change the sheets in the middle of the night! 

You really dread waking him up – it usually ends up in an argument. You feel exhausted because this keeps happening no mater what you have tried. What causes night sweats?

Has this happened to you too many times? You have had times when this happened and neither of you were able to go back to sleep

You find when this happens you are both grouchy when you have to get up in the morning – from interrupted sleep! The nights add up and it starts affecting your performance at your work and puts a huge strain on your relationships!

So, what causes night sweats?

There are many reasons for night sweats:

  • chemotherapy
  • certain medications
  • thyroid condition
  • diabetes
  • obesity 
  • anxiety
  • the primary reason are the hormonal fluctuations which occur just before menopause and during menopause

Night sweats are not dangerous, but they can certainly be annoying to you and your partner!

I understand your frustration. This happened to me when I was going through menopause. I tried many things too.

For example I tried having the room cooler, thinking that would help by having the fan on all night. Or sleeping with an open window near the bed. Neither was the solution I was looking for. 

After doing some research I came across Wicking Pajamas. I too was desperate to get a good nights sleep, so I ordered a nightgown and it worked for me. Just like you, I had so many wasted nights trying to cope with night sweats!

Sleep Well, Stay Rested With Cool, Dry Wicking Cool-jams


How do they work?

These pajamas are made of a micro fiber wicking fabric. This fabric pulls the moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric, so that the body stays dry. Once the moisture is drawn through the fabric it dries rapidly. In fact it dries twice as fast as cotton.

Cool-jams uses a fabric called moisture wicking smart fabric which seems to sense what the body needs to be comfortable. It keeps the body cool and dry when it’s warm outside and dry and cozy when the weather gets cooler.

The material is soft and just the right weight – not too heavy and not sticky or too flimsy. 

The company that makes Cool-Jams has been in business for over 20 years. There are many women like you who use these nightgowns and other night wear. They make pj’s for men too.

Pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree?

[jbox color=”pink” title=”This is the solution you have been looking for! It can help:”]

  • you get a great nights sleep so you are refreshed when you wake up
  • you are able to be productive at work
  • your relationships are not suffering
  • your partner gets a good night sleep too
  • you aren’t spending time and energy changing and washing as many sets of sheets and night wear
  • you will be healthier because you will get quality sleep and your body will be able to repair, restore and rejuvenate as it should


[jbox color=”red” title=”Grab Your Night Sweat Solutions Here” icon=””]Check out these Cool-Jams for the best night’s sleep [jbutton newpage=”1″ link=””]Click here![/jbutton]


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