You recently may have read my article about troche.  For you, I have since done more research and had to let you know more information about troche.  You don’t read or hear that much about troche, but it is quickly becoming more popular. 

What are troches and and do they work best for you when using bio-identical hormones?

Troche is a system of delivery into the body for women using  bio-identical hormones. It is like a lozenge and put under the tongue to be absorbed, taking 30 to 45 minutes for the process (also called subbuccal lozenges.)

My first article was favorable about troche.  However, I am writing this for you because there are some new points I want you to consider that were not brought up before about using the troche system.  

You will have to decide after reading the article and/or talking with your health practitioner about troche.  Better yet, the compounding pharmacy you are going to use, may be a much better place to get the information needed and have your questions answered – since that is all they do.

So, what are troches and do they work best for you?


What Are Troches And Do They Work Best For You?


A lot of information you read may sound like troche is the best choice, so please consider these points first:

  • some experts say that the troche will cause the hormone levels to rise too quickly and then fall to low levels too quickly – all within 4-5 hours
  • they should be taken at least twice a day (maybe even up to 4 times a day) to maintain proper hormone levels – and they cause a wide variation in hormone levels
  • concern that estrone is what the estrogens will be changed to before being absorbed – estrone can increase the risk of breast cancer if not balanced properly
  • the source that troches are made from are ingredients that seem to be questionable in the body – made from either polyethylene glycol (PEG) or gelatin – PEG causes toxic stress to the body – PEG is not something that you want in your body
  • seems they are also made with aspartame to take away the bitterness of the medication because you have to hold in your mouth – aspartame is a neurotoxin which can cause brain damage

I hope I have answered, what are troches and do they work best for you.  The best choice seems to be a transdermal cream.

[jbox color=”pink” title=”Here is why the transdermal creams are preferred:”]

  • require lower doses
  • bypass the stomach
  • more convenient
  • provide better release (more steady) – not the same wide variations as with troches
  • easy to make adjustments if needed
  • lower cost
  • no altering of estrogens into estrone



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