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Women in menopause have so many challenges around the subject of “good quality sleep!”   Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get into bed, go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed and feeling vibrant with so much energy?  For most of you in menopause, that is a pipe dream.  Right?

Do you realize that poor quality or not enough hours of good sleep can affect you in a negative way, in every area in your life?  Have you ever wondered how to sleep better?

It affects your relationships, your job/career, your health, your appearance, your memory, your weight, your sexual life and probably even more.   Have you noticed when you are behind on “good quality sleep” you aren’t as creative either?  You just can’t think straight.  How safe are you when driving a vehicle?

Over time it does take it’s toll and it can be deadly.

What wakes you up after you get to sleep?  Maybe a snoring partner, maybe children or grandchildren, pets, noises inside the house or outside, too much light, night sweats, or eating too late.

If you ask your doctor, they may want to put you on sleep medications.  You know they aren’t safe and you may even become addicted to them.  Statistics show that around 43 million sleep aid prescriptions were filled last year, this is just in the U.S.

There is a difference in quality of sleep and quantity of sleep.  Getting the (quality) “deep sleep” is what repairs, rejuvenates and refreshes your body.  It is needed throughout your life to be healthy.  Quantity of sleep is the number of hours required by your body.  You have a certain number of hours required to feel your best the next morning.


Would You Like 5 Tips About How To Sleep Better?  - Part 1

The British Journal Medical Open published a study showing that even if you are using sleep medications just two times a month, you would be more likely to die in the next 2.5 years as opposed to someone not taking any at all.  Shocking!

So what can you do naturally to sleep well and get into the rejuvenating deep sleep cycles?  Are you ready to make some changes?


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