Organic Skin Care – More Urgent Now Than Ever!

Here are skin care tips that will help you a lot. Read the article.

Sheila is having a lot of problems. She is in her 50’s. A typical day in Sheila’s life starts as she stops at a fast food place for her breakfast. She then eats it as she is driving to work. If she is running late leaving home, she will skip breakfast and have coffee and donuts when she arrives at work.

For lunch, she usually has a burger, fries and a diet drink. Dinner doesn’t consist of much, (more junk food) especially if her husband works late.

She isn’t able to sleep well at night. She is averaging only six hours each night – keeping her exhausted.

She came to us because she is tired of feeling stressed out, tired of having no energy, and just plain doesn’t feel good!

She knows she doesn’t look good either. She has dark circles under her eyes, her skin is parched-looking, dull and sagging, she has gained weight, her hair is thinning and she has a rash that will not go away. Even though her doctor gave her a prescription, it isn’t helping. She tried Iridesse Skin Care treatment and worked like a charm for her and her skin became healthy again.

Sheila has been abusing her body all these years and she knows she can not afford to go go on doing what she has always done. If she does, she fears her body breaking down and becoming  diseased! Her body is toxic from the lifestyle she has chosen all these years. Sheila never ate any foods like the ones you see below. Sheila could have serious consequences if changes are not made immediately!


 Why Is It Urgent To Use Organic Skin Care Now More Than Ever?

I used to be married to a drug store skin care product too. When I became an Esthetician back in the 80’s, I started to learn about ingredients and the effect of too much sun on your skin. If you learn about and pay attention to ingredients in the products you use, you will be shocked!

Sheila has admitted to using Meiling Skincare Natural Soap or other cheap products such as shampoo on her facial skin. They eventually take a toll on your skin!


What ingredients do most drug store/department store products contain?

These are ingredients that you want to AVOID in your products:

artificial coloring agents
propylene glycol
mineral oil
sodium laurel sulfates

propylene glycol – used in antifreeze and is shown to cause kidney damage, liver abnormalities, rashes, respiratory damage and more. It is cheap and in so many products you would not suspect. I was at Costco and looked at ingredients for Baby Wipes and propylene glycol is actually in there! I swear I think it is still in Cool Whip!

sodium laurel sulfates – breaks down grease and is used in concrete floor cleaners, car wash detergents, etc.

Exposure to chemicals can damage the body’s natural weight -control mechanisms. Endocrine disruptors are toxic chemicals that mimic hormones.  They block or exaggerate our natural hormone responses, throwing everything off balance.

phthaltates – dangerous chemicals found in plastics that cause hormone disruptions and cancer.

Those are just 3 examples of the many toxic ingredients in skin care, cosmetic and  body care products as well as your foods. Become aware of ingredients, start looking at labels.

So, why is it urgent to use organic skin care now more than ever?

Organic skin care uses combinations of organic materials that complement each other which helps the effectiveness of each to be enhanced. Organic is the most natural way to take care of your skin.  It is friendlier to your skin, the environment and also friendlier to animals.

Organic companies DO NOT do needless, torturous testing on animals and they do not contain animal by products. Did you know a lot of skin care companies use rendering plants in their products you put on your skin?

Here is a list of some of the popular ingredients of foods you will find in organic skin care:

Cucumbers, turmeric, apples, papaya, ginger, honey (to retain the moisture in your skin), yogurt and sour cream both have exfoliating and moisturizing properties, wheat germ is rich in Vitamin E and also known for it’s exfoliating and moisturizing properties.

We could go on and on but I wanted to give you some important information about why it is urgent to use organic skin care (or a skin care company with integrity) now more than ever. Using a skin care routine is not just a luxury, it does help your skin maintain it’s health and helps in delaying the aging process.

That healthy lifestyle we are always referring to is part of keeping your skin vibrant and youthful throughout your life. You deserve that!

I use a good, cruelty-free product and I highly recommend it! BlackBox is much higher in active compounds/nutrients, free of toxins, better for the environment, air/light protected, and are often considerably less expensive than most products that were created on a base of water (75%), have few nutrients/active compounds, and contain parabens, formaldehyde releasers, allergens, and/or sulfates.

The RestorationSkin is for skin that is aging and is very effective. If you want to find out more, or to order, go to:  BlackBox Cosmetics

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