Do you eat lots of fast food or processed foods?

Is it because you are in a hurry?  Have you resigned yourself to just being the way you are in appearance or weight? Is it because you are too tired to cook? Have you ever thought about how healthy meal planning can help you? Do you want healthy meals delivered to your home? Then check out this newly launched Turbo 13 from Nutrisystem.

You work all day. Your body and your brain are noticeably tired when it is time to go home. It is so easy on the way home to just stop at some fast food restaurant and eat or get enough to go, to serve to family as dinner that night. Then there is no clean-up, and more time in YOUR evening to do something else. To stay fit and healthy you must consider the source of the food you eat and to help you about it just visit health stores online.

But…your clothes are too tight, you look stressed, you feel bloated all the time and feel like life is passing you by. You feel like you have no energy to do anything you really want to do.

Fast food (processed food) will take a toll on your health!

Take a minute and think about this.

Could your life be less chaotic and healthier if you planned your meals ahead of time?  You wouldn’t have to rack your brain trying to decide what to have for dinner.

I know I did that as often as I could when I was younger. My husband worked late so that is how I justified it. My daughter and I would stop at some crappy fast food place. Here are my excuses of why I did it. I admit, I did not even think about healthy meal planning!

I did it because I didn’t know any better. The internet was not around, and I did not think there was a connection between being healthy and the foods I ate. No one ever talked about that.  But back then, the soil was different, the food was generally a lot healthier. There was no big monopoly like Monsanto interfering with the food industry.

I was not eating healthy foods consistently like you see below. How about you?

How Can Healthy Meal Planning Help You?

 So, what if you got involved in healthy meal planning?

Is it a possibility that planning meals ahead and eating at home could turn into a healthier lifestyle and have an affect on the following list below?

You may:

  • feel better
  • look better
  • possibly go off any medications
  • sleep better
  • save money
  • fit into the clothes in your closet
  • help your family be healthier
  • make it a family affair, get the family involved in helping to create menus
  • make eating out as a special ocassion

By eating out all the time, you really don’t know what is going into the preparation of your food. Planning your meals and eating at home, you do know exactly what is going into the meal.

Try healthy meal planning and see if you start to become more creative and healthy in the process!

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Also, to do this I recommend using a crock pot. It  is such a time saver and there are tons of healthy recipes available for using it.

I challenge you to get out your cookbooks and/or go online to start planning your meals in advance. You can also save time and be creative with eating healthy meals by using a crock pot. Take control and eliminate one, big headache in your life!

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