Why Choose USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Products?

Lily is a USDA certified organic grower and a USDA certified organic manufacturer of natural and USDA certified organic skin care products. Lily was the pioneer in organic skin care in Colorado, since 1986.

Lily Morgan of Lily Organics

Lily Organics was the first and original Colorado organic skin care company.  A 7th generation American grower, Lily’s family has been farming since before the American Revolution.

Lily’s sister, who loved exploring health food stores and always dragged Lily along, also inspired Lily’s interest in botanicals.  Desperate to cure a bad case of acne at age fourteen, Lily realized that:

a) grocery store products and their higher-priced department store counterparts had exactly the same ingredients
b) none of these ingredients really worked to clear up her skin
c) the health food store ingredients were truly different

Over the years, Lily experimented with different combinations of these ingredients, bought every book available on skin care and attended the Colorado Herbal College in Boulder, CO.

“I was having fun with herbs, making pineapple astringents, honey and papaya masks, putting almond, primrose and kukui oil in my hair. One herbal moisturizer I made was light and oil free with the benefit of nineteen different healing herbs. I was so enthusiastic about it, I considered marketing it. With encouragement from my mom and sister, I started my company.

With more tenacity than brains, I plugged along.  It was so vital to me that my products contain only pure, natural ingredients that I have trademarked the phrase Purely Botanical(TM ) to describe them.”

Today, 25 years later, the company produces nearly twenty different products.  Based in Henderson, Colorado, Lily Organics Fresh Skin Care creates its handmade, organic skin care products incorporating ingredients from Lily’s USDA Certified Organic farm, essential oils from natural botanicals and other organically grown herbs.

Why Use USDA Certified Organic Skin Care?

Lily Organic Fresh Skin Care products are 100% non-synthetic and chemical free, and are freshly produced every week in the company’s FDA-inspected lab.  Apparently, USDA Organic is the only “organic” that means anything. 

Out of 125 cancer causing ingredients, here are some of the common (cancer-causing/disease causing) chemicals that are in skin care, body care and even some foods:

  • propylene glycol – used as a powerful solvent in antifreeze solutions and hydraulic fluids
  • DEA – diethanolamine – used to make something lather and keeps consistency in creams
  • sodium lauryl sulfate -surfactant to break down surface tension of water – used in concrete floor cleaners, engine de-greasers, car wash detergents
  • phthalates – chemicals found in plastics causing endocrine disruptors and cancer

You really want to avoid these as they can cause severe health problems.

By using a USDA Certified Organic Skin Care product, you are insuring yourself to get the most benefit for healthy and beautiful skin without any health risks.

To listen to our hour long interview with Lily Morgan Listen here:

Listen To Lily Morgan from Lily Organics

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