You have been encouraged to eat more soy as you approach or enter menopause. You read and hear that everywhere, don’t you?

Do you have allergies or other health-related problems that won’t go away or can’t be diagnosed? Allergies, weight gain, or tiredness even though you are getting enough good quality sleep?

I used to think soy was a great idea too!  It has been touted for a long time as a “healthy food” to alleviate menopausal symptoms, mostly hot flashes. I am here to share Dianne’s experience with you, so you can be aware for you and your family.

Could There Be Hidden Dangers Of Soy?

Dianne was increasing her soy intake around or during her menopause, believing she was doing a great thing for her body and her health.  At some point, she had a terrible allergic reaction, went into shock and almost died!  Could there be hidden dangers of soy?

After three years of fighting her way back to “good health” she has a different opinion I am helping her share. There are millions of people, like you who have allergic reactions to soy and aren’t aware that it is the soy in many foods making them ill.

What you read below, is the typical information found about soy. What this article does not tell you is, the soy that Asian women eat and have so much success with, is fermented and not processed as it is in this country.

I just want to caution you about it – in case you have allergies, a rash or something that will not go away or something your health care provider says is “nothing.” It could be the cheap ingredient used in nearly everything these days, soy. And it is found under many names you won’t recognize.

Caution:  The article below is NOT what we recommend you doing unless you do your own research and educate yourself first.

Menopausal women should eat soy twice a day to ease hot flashes, according to scientists.

Researchers from the University of Delaware conducted the most comprehensive study to date on the effects of soy on menopause and found that daily servings reduced the frequency and severity of hot flashes by up to 26 percent. They reached the conclusion after reviewing 19 previous studies that examined more than 1,200 women.

Soy was first put forward as a natural treatment for menopause by Japanese researchers who noticed that women in the country, where soy consumption is high, experienced fewer hot flashes than Western women.

Previous research into the subject proved inconclusive, but the Delaware scientists claimed that discrepancies in the findings were down to small sample sizes and inconsistent methodology.

To read the rest of the original article, please go HERE to

So, now you know both sides. If you eat fermented soy such as tempeh or miso, then you are getting the benefits from soy. These are fermented and are healthy for you, not in the raw state that could be poisonous to your body.

Click on dangers of soy to go to Dianne’s site and  find out about the kind of soy that is healthy and may actually help you with your menopause.  You must decide for yourself.

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