What does yoga have to do with your sex life?

It seems that it has a lot to do with your sex life!  Although I never made that connection until now, if you aren’t familiar with yoga, I urge you to investigate it.  It feels good, it has no religious affiliation, and it is good for connecting your body, mind and spirit.  Who doesn’t want or need that?


Yoga And Sexuality? Free Yoga Exercises Online To Help You

You will receive so many health benefits and the beauty of it is that you can start from any point.  You are not competing with anyone.  The more you do it, the better you can do it and the farther you can stretch, which helps you receive even more benefit.  There are sites that have free yoga exercises online.  And there are different types of yoga.  Or you can do a class in a group.  I prefer to do it at home.

Yoga exercises help your breast develop because the poses you perform will help build up the fat and glandular tissue in your breasts. The muscles that support your breasts will become stronger and more toned when you perform certain yoga poses even without surgery.

I highly recommend it, especially if you want to increase the sexual energy in your body and have a better sexual relationship with your husband or partner!  I always knew there were health benefits associated with yoga, but was not aware it could help with your sexuality – it does makes so much sense.

Yoga: The Natural Aphrodisiac by Sarah Stevenson

Yoga is not only a beautifying form of exercise, but a natural aphrodisiac as well.  You get to tap into an area in your brain, known as the amygdala.  Once this part is tuned off, then your real sensuality kicks in.  Yoga quiets the mind to allow your natural sexual energy to rise.

Yogis and yoginis tend to be some of the most tuned in and turned on people around.  Yoga stimulates a connection to one’s body and when we are fully aware of our body, soul and minds, we realize quickly that we are sexual beings.  The key to tapping into this aphrodisiac quality has everything to do with how you show up to your practice.

You simply need to cultivate a calm mind and in turn an inner awareness.  Not only is yoga a natural aphrodisiac, but also an amazing body-beautifying form of exercise.  When you’re finished reading this article, the question that will rise to the top of your mind is,  “Why in the world have I not been practicing yoga?”

Yoga does an amazing job at quieting the incessant chatter that takes place in your brain every moment you aren’t asleep.  This chatter not only disconnects you from your partner, but also the outer world and yourself.  When your mind quiets, it allows you to open to the natural, sensual you living under the surface of stress and chaos.

Click on this link  to read the rest of the original article and find out what you can do to turn off that part of the mind that will allow you to have better sex with your partner.

Written by Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a., The Tini Yogini, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Southern California.  She has a degree in Behavioral Psychology and teaches not only yoga classes but also life affirming workshops.

I have taken yoga classes and still do yoga at times in my own home.  I have yoga DVD’s and I tape a yoga show on the television so I can go back to it later.  I love doing yoga because the stretching feels so good, it gets my circulation going and it nourishes my body in so many ways.

Did you know some of the national football teams do yoga and some military personnel are also doing it? It is for everyone!

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