Do you feel you are afraid of getting older?  Do You have anxiety over how your life is right now and what may happen to you in the future?  Are these signs of menopause?

Maybe your kids are grown and they have either left home or they are in college by now – you are your husband now have an empty nest.  So appropriately named, you do really feel empty – as if  you have no purpose, no direction.  You don’t enjoy your job anymore. You used to look forward to going to work – it was such a pleasure.  But so many things have changed in the years you have been working there.

You have just another year before you can retire.  You feel like you can’t wait, but then what?  Just thinking about it gives you an increased heart rate – you can feel it.  Each day you just go through the motions, repeating the same thing each day. You feel almost numb to everything in your life right now.

Is Fear Of Aging One Of The Signs Of Menopause?

You and your husband are still together but it seems that you have nothing in common anymore.  There is nothing to talk about or to do together that you both enjoy.  Just thinking about it, you get anxiety!

When the weekend comes you both seem to go your separate ways.  It doesn’t feel good to you and you cry about it but you don’t know how to handle it.  You feel like the relationship is over but you are not sure you want to be the one to initiate it.

You still cook , do laundry and you clean for both of you.  What is the point? 

Most nights your husband falls asleep in front of the television and you end up going to bed alone.  When you wake up, he has already gone off to work.  Once again, you feel so alone.

Where did the relationship break down?  When did that happen?  Such a shame, all those memories you have of  happy years – raising children together.  It will never be the way it used to be.  Clearly something is not right and something needs to change.

Maybe you should be the one to make the first move to resolve this relationship issue.  If you don’t bring it up and talk about it, will he ever approach you about it?  Every time you think about it, you get anxiety, not to mention feeling angry and confused.  It goes back and forth in your mind, wasting the little energy you have.  Having anxiety and/or heart palpitations can be signs of menopause.

 You need a way to process those feelings that continuously keep coming up. The Sacred Breathing Hand Book is the solution for you.  It will help you understand how to breathe correctly so that you can process those feelings in a healthy way and feel good again!  Sacred Breathing will help you go forward in your life.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like what you have been looking for?



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