When you get dressed each morning, do you get frustrated with how you look and feel about the weight you have gained?  Does it take time to go through your closet to find something appropriate to wear that even fits?  How many years has it been since you felt good about wearing a bathing suit?

It seems that weight gain is one of the signs of menopause.  You may have gained it around your midsection, causing your body shape to be a challenge!

You have friends where you work who are slim and look so appealing to you with their Freshwater Pearl Necklace hanging around their necks.  Their clothes fit nicely plus they don’t have the health related issues you do because of your weight problem.

Nor do they have the same cravings you do constantly during the day.  You have tried so many different “diets” like no-carbs, low-carbs, low-fat, high protein, counting calories and many more but always end up gaining more weight and being angry with yourself – as if it was all your fault!

You are always beating yourself up over not being able to lose this stubborn weight. It isn’t your fault!  Dieting and weight loss is big business.  And as you know from experience most diets DO NOT work and/or are not healthy.

Dieting actually turns on your fat storing switch!   When you diet, your body goes into starvation mode. you have cravings and you are always hungry!

You may start out losing weight at first and you are very excited!  Then like all the other times, it slows down and you end up fighting with your body just to not gain any more weight.

It is a constant battle within you and it is exhausting.  It has caused some depression for you that makes it hard to have energy to do anything.

So, what if you found a solution that really worked, would help you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life? 

What if this solution:

  • was not a diet
  • was not about excessive exercising
  • was not about going to a gym
  • was not about meal planning
  • was not about any involvement of drugs

Would you be interested in a big way?

Just imagine how that would feel, to get rid of your extra weight once and for all and even alleviate some of your other health issues too!  Your clothes would fit, you would not have cravings anymore, you would have more energy and feel so much better about yourself!

The Lighten-Up! System is a holistic process where you get help by making baby step changes.  You receive encouragement and support to help you get to your goal and stay there permanently.

You could even do this with your husband!  It is for both, men and women. Even if your weight gain has been one of the signs of menopause, this can be your weight loss solution too!

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