Have you tried all the “popular diets” with no lasting results?

Here is a story about Nancy.  She contacted us because she help with a natural weight loss program.  After speaking with Nancy, she admitted that she was not aware of the thoughts she was telling herself everyday about her body and her weight.  She also was not aware about how detrimental they were to her weight loss efforts!

Nancy had tried all the popular diets over the years and some worked for her for the first few months, then all of a sudden, she would start gaining weight!

Ready For A Natural Weight Loss Program That Gets Results?

Every time she started one of these popular diets, she was more excited – thinking this is the one that will make all the difference.  But it was always the same ole’ story!  And every time she stopped the diet, she weighed more than she did before she had started!

How could that be?  She was so mad at herself, disappointed in herself and depressed over her weight situation.

It was not her fault!  Nobody told her about any “mind stuff” before she started on the diet.  She was not aware that her mind could stop her from losing weight.

Nancy finally realized what defeating self-talk she was constantly telling herself:

  • it was not going to work
  • whichever diet she was on, would be just like all the others
  • she would never be at the weight she desired
  • she was a failure
  • she was in menopause which to her represented that she was getting old and that is just what happens around that age in everyone’s life

How self-defeating were those thoughts Nancy was recycling over and over in her head?

With any goal you want to reach, first you have to get your mindset straight and working with you, not against you!  This goes for anything you do in life, your mindset has to be in alignment with your desires and goals or it won’t work the way you want it to.

How much different would Nancy’s results have been if she started her weight loss program by having very empowering thoughts behind what she was trying to accomplish for herself?

What if there was an effective, natural weight loss program that addressed your mind issues and prepared you for successful weight loss in this way?  There is!

The Gabriel Method is a holistic process where you determine the underlying causes of your weight gain and let them go.  Once you have dealt with the real cause of your weight gain, the process of losing weight is natural an automatic.

It is great for women in perimenopause, menopause and after menopause.

It has worked for thousands of people and it can work for you too.  It is different from any weight loss program you have tried before.  Using this natural weight loss program, you WILL get the results you have been looking for.

Read what Nancy found out about the mind-body connection and start losing weight in a healthy and permanent way!


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