When someone tells you they are on a low fat diet, what is the picture you see in your mind?

A question you may want to ask yourself – since when did eating a low fat diet become healthy? The people who represent the Keto diet for beginners would definitely tell you that a low fat diet is not good for you.

Low fat diets don’t work and are not healthy for you, visit site and get to know the best and easiest way to diet!  You are getting yoga mat reviews needed to stay healthy or to lose weight properly!

Is A Low Fat Diet A Healthy Weight Loss Program?

When you eat a low-fat product, what was replaced in the product when they removed the fat?  Could it be toxic stuff your body does not benefit from or even does not recognize?  Empty calories?

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Most women don’t realize their body actually needs fat!  But it should be the right kind of fat.  You need fats/oils for your hair, skin and joints to be healthy and to function well.

What benefits do you receive for using the right kinds of fats/oils?

Healthy fats/oils are so important to help:

  • in the production of hormones especially the hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, cortisol, and testosterone, called the steroid hormones
  • healthy oils are always unrefined and the body knows what to do with them (unlike the trans-fats that your body is not familiar with and treats as a toxin)
  • healthy oils are the precursor to making the hormones needed for cholesterol
  • healthy oils are necessary for fat metabolism and fat breakdown
  • healthy oils are involved in the metabolism of fat burning
  • healthy oils help you maintain your muscles

Fish Oil (omega-3) is another important fat needed to benefit menopausal age women.  Studies have shown it can regulate some of the symptoms associated with menopause like mood swings and depression.

A study published in “Menopause” in 2009 showed fish oil supplementation helped with lowering hot flashes.

When you read the article below by Nicholas, remember that adding more fresh veggies and fruits (live foods) will help you with your weight loss efforts but the most important thing is to eat the right kinds of oils/fats to help you in so many ways as described above.  This article is a dis-service to menopausal women.

Low-Fat Diet May Ease Hot Flashes By  NICHOLAS BAKALAR

In addition to its other benefits, a low-fat diet may also reduce menopausal hot flashes and night sweats, new research has found.

Scientists studied 17,473 menopausal women who were not on hormone therapy.  Forty percent were assigned to a low-fat dietary plan with increased intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  They met periodically with nutritionists to assure compliance.  The rest ate their customary diets.  All participants recorded night sweats and hot flashes with details about their severity.

Over all, women in the diet group were 14 percent more likely to eliminate these symptoms in the first year than those not on the diet, a difference that persisted after controlling for initial weight, smoking, ethnicity and other factors.

Dieting women were three times more likely to lose weight than women who continued with their usual foods, but even women in the diet group who gained weight were more likely to eliminate or reduce symptoms of menopause.

“We have to do more research to figure out what aspects of diet are related to vasomotor symptoms,” said the lead author, Candyce H. Kroenke, a researcher at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif.  “But if weight loss occurs in the context of healthy dietary changes, that may be a way to eliminate hot flashes.”

If you want to address your weight issue, learn how to eat properly to be healthy and actually lose weight, and keep the weight off permanently  a low fat diet is not the way to go.  We can help you.   CLICK HERE

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