This article is written by Carrie Tucker, The Life Breath Coach, who is very experienced in the world of heart failure and breathing correctly to change many negative health conditions in the body.

Going through menopause, water weight may be a concern for you.  Carrie talks about how to get rid of water weight!

Do You Wonder How To Get Rid Of Water Weight?

How in the world do you lose water?  It’s SO hard to get rid of water weight!

Have you ever noticed that exercise doesn’t help?   Reducing calories doesn’t help either.   Certainly you’ve heard that fluid retention is about salt.   So, IS salt the culprit?  It’s nothing to worry about, is it? Cut down on salt and you should be fine … right?


There are two different types of water weight.   The kind you can ignore … and the kind you can’t.   But don’t get me wrong.  They are BOTH harmful!

Cutting down on salt … limiting calories … exercising your brains out … it’s not necessarily going to help you get rid of water weight! If you need to diagnose hearing issues an audiology doctor could be the best solution. If you feel powerless to do anything about it and your doctor isn’t particularly worried about it, why give it any thought?

 3 Reasons To Consider Fluid Retention a Sign of Trouble:

  • retained fluid interferes with the absorption of nutrients
  • oxygen uptake is adversely effected by fluid retention
  • oxygen deprivation will damage your eye sight, and short term memory AND it will weaken your heart muscle. Go to roids product page to regain your muscle health.

A few pretty good reasons to be concerned about fluid retention, huh?   The problem is that the cause of your fluid retention is probably not obvious.

You can read this related to water retention in the side bar, or you can explore the healthy eating category in the navigation above and see what might help your situation.

Many have found solutions with the folks at “Food Matters”.  Their Detox Guide is often an awesome resource for discovering the solutions for fluid retention.  Have you heard that the FDA has put a stop to Google ads that contain the word “detox”?  It seems it will be harder to discover useful tools in the future.

Why do you think simple-safe solution is getting harder and harder to share?   Why?

Because fear is powerful protection for the trillion dollar profits enjoyed by the pharmaceutical industry.  The FDA works hand in hand with this “medical cartel” to keep simple-safe solution in the dark while they snuff out anyone threatening the status-quo.

Water retention is frequently a women’s health issue, as well, so that is another reason this issue is not demanding more attention.  Women’s health issues don’t at present.   Don’t despair!  I’m not trying to bring you down.

The wonderful secret the medical cartel does not want you to know is that you have the power to heal yourself!  You access your power to heal yourself by Breathing Into Now.

How simple is that?  What could be more simple than breathing?   Uh oh … hold on a minute.   Have you ever tried to breathe when you are afraid?

How about when you are really sick?  Can you breathe then?   Times of stress and extreme illness are exactly the times when you most need to breathe properly!

IF you don’t know HOW to attend to your bio-chemical health with your BREATH in a life threatening event, it could mean the difference between life and death! No joke!

Breathing properly day in and day out will result in more oxygen getting to your cells which WILL address cancer and heart disease concerns, as well as water weight concerns!

Get rid of water weight because it is harmful to your blood oxygen level and that is a HUGE factor with both cancer AND heart disease!

However, if you are afraid of death and disease, you may be comforted by the thought that your doctor knows more than you do.  If you accept his/her lack of concern about water weight, you are not likely to value the information that can arm you with life saving skill!

Manage your bio-chemical health with your extremely powerful Sacred Breath to get rid of water weight and you will reduce your risk of CANCER and HEART DISEASE! On other related news, if you need Home Care Assistance for your loved ones check out this link about HCA.

So, how do you challenge your doctor’s complacency … as well as your own, so you KEEP looking for solutions that will get rid of water weight?

Sacred Breathing is an awesome way to breathe into NOW and eliminate the anxiety of tomorrow and the regret of yesterday.  When you can do that, you can navigate your options until you find your answers regardless of the smoke and mirrors designed to deceive you.

If your doctor can’t drug it, he/she will not give it attention or express concern.   Pay attention to what is happening in your body because YOU need to be concerned with water weight!

You are often your own worst enemy, but you can also be your own best advocate and friend!   The secret to finally following through with your good intentions is available to you now!

Become aware of your breathing … and improve your breathing.   Breathing into now is exactly how you will dissolve self defeating behavior!

The Life Breath Coach will show you how!   Click on the link below to gain access to the most important book you will ever read.

It is important because it contains all the information you need to know to improve your breathing!  When you purchase your digital copy here on Heart Failure Solutions you also get access to the live weekly coaching that will keep you focused on improving your Personal Sacred Breathing Program week after week after week!

When you consistently practice your “Personal Sacred Breathing Program” you will find yourself following through with your good intentions to get more exercise and clean up your diet because you will overcome self sabotaging behavior!

Now, that will go a LONG way to addressing your concerns about how to get rid of water weight!

This article is a great solution for how to get rid of water weight.  Carrie Tucker is The Life Breath Coach (

Check out the best book on changing your health from a dis-eased state to a healthy state through the proper way of breathing.



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