I love sharing this article with you because I am sure it is something you can relate to. 

Can Daily Affirmations Help You Change Your Mindset?

I have said things like this in the past, years ago before learning about how important it is to try to live in the present moment.

Do you know how important your words are as well as your thoughts?  Mindset  has to do with everything in your life, and writing daily affirmations can help change your mindset each day.

Some day when I….written by Kathleen Hanagan

Listen to yourself, and notice how often you speak about the future in this way: “once I lose 15 lbs……….,” “when the kids are older………….,” “after the house is paid off……” “when I retire….,” or better yet, “if my husband finally realizes…..” We tend to project out into an imaginary perfect future, implying that the present is insufficient, not enough.

Though it may seem a small thing, this incessant sense of lack, is at the very root of suffering on this planet.  The perceived lack of love, money, time, and focus is what you most often hear people complain about.  It is the place where we suffer, where we buy into the illusion that there is heaven somewhere else.

We synthesize happiness and miss the moment.  You have heard this so many times before if you have been on this path of self-growth for any length of time.  How are you doing actually shifting your perception?  How is knowing this working for you?  Is there even a gap between the knowing and the experiencing, often described as the split between your head and your heart?

That is what is most commonly called “Mindset” these days—the way you see things, the way you think about things.  Successful people apparently think more often about the present than the past or even the future.  The reason that makes a difference is that you can only do anything about the present, so anxiety falls away, as the present unfolds, and guides you to the very next thing, the future, plus, if you are able to take maeng da, you will find that the depression levels will eventually come down.  You create your future more consciously, while taking action in the present.

 Most mindset training is based on the Law of Attraction, and I love my daily quotes from Abraham much as any one.  Take this one, which came out last week: “Your conclusion that there isn’t enough of something—whether it is enough land, or money, or clarity—stems from you learning, without meaning to, a vibration that holds you apart from what you want. 

There is no limitation. If you identify a desire for it, Source recognizes your desire, and immediately begins to deliver it to you.  And it will manifest in the variety, in the fullness, and in the way that you, and only you, learn to allow it.”

If you feel “stuck” and would like to learn more about writing and speaking daily affirmations, we can help.  Visit MenopauseCoach to find out how you can be part of a loving and supportive 30-Day Mind Shift to get your life on track.





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