Have You Ever Experienced Vaginal Dryness?

If you have, you know exactly how painful that feels when you try to be intimate with your partner. The pain can feel like a knife or some other strange and/or sharp object is in your vagina – where it should not be! If it is not painful, it may be itchy, stinging, burning or may even bleed!

So, What Do You Do?

You AVOID having intimate relations or you end up experimenting with all kinds of expensive oils and commercial products just trying to get some relief! You start having doubts of whether or not you are a “good” partner. But you can’t help it!

And when you stop having relations, then your relationship suffers, you aren’t getting the healthy benefits sexual intercourse provides your body, not to mention the toxic chemicals you have put into your body!  You are taking the risk of getting an infection or having an allergic reaction!

Vaginal dryness is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction, and may be due to:

  • menopause
  • perimenopause (early stages of menopause)
  • stress
  • medications for an overactive bladder
  • antihistamines
  • birth control pills
  • antidepressants

These medications may also affect your sexual drive.

Vaginal dryness effects nearly half of all women between the ages of 40 and 59. Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) may be due to pelvic musculature or the vaginal skin/tissue.

This pain (due to dryness or anything else) may lead you to avoid sexual intimacy, which can adversely affect your libido, your stress levels and your relationships – especially the relationship with your partner!

Knowing this, it is important to get to the root of the problem!

Improving vaginal dryness in a simple and natural manner is always the first and best option to attain improved vaginal moisturization, as this avoids synthetic hormones and products.


A few benefits of sexual intercourse:

1-lowers the rates of vaginal stenosis which is vaginal narrowing in a scarred-like manner and vaginal atrophy (decreased vaginal elasticity)
2-sexual intercourse provides a deepened degree of intimacy between two people
3-has been shown to decrease stress levels, which in the long-term may have improved cardiac and other effects
What if…you found a product that is gentle, really works and was not synthetic or toxic to your fragile tissues?

Aloe Cadabra is the best lubrication proven to moisturize the vaginal tissue, improve vaginal dryness, improve vaginal comfort, and improve sexual pleasure and arousal. Improving vaginal dryness naturally, you avoid synthetic hormones and/or medications that may cause allergic reactions or be cost-prohibitive.

Aloe Cadabra is both a moisturizer and a lubricant, which moisturizes the vaginal tissue, improving vaginal dryness, vaginal comfort, and sexual pleasure and arousal for YOU and your partner.

Don’t forget to have a fibroids check up once in a while, to make sure your health is doing well.


Why Choose Aloe Cadabra?

  1. Soothing Aloe
  2. 95% Organic Aloe
  3. Natural, non-sticky, doesn’t stain
  4. Hormone free
  5. pH balanced
  6. Enhanced pleasure
  7. Clinically Proven

I tried many products on the market and was always searching for the best one – then I found Aloe Cadabra. I use it and I love using it. It really does work! It is economical and it lasts.




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