15 Things You Can do if You Are Having a Mammogram:

I recently did a post with 4 parts to the article about the negative side of having mammograms. The information was written five years ago and when I researched this month, it is still a controversial subject, depending on whose opinion you want to believe.

Here are some common sense things to look for if you decide to go this route.  – Sheri Goddard

1-    Get the best, even if it means a long journey.
2–    Go where they specialize, preferably where they do at least 20 mammograms a day.
3–    Be sure the facility is accredited by the American College of Radiology.
4–    Insist on personnel who specialize in mammograms. (Taking and reading mammograms are skills that require intensive training and a lot of practice.)
5-    Ask how old the equipment is. Newer equipment exposes the breasts to less radiation. A   dedicated unit (one specifically for mammograms) is best.
6-    Ask how they ensure quality control. When was their unit calibrated?
7-    Load your blood with carotenes for a week before the mammogram to prevent radiation damage to your DNA.
8-    Expect to be cold and uncomfortable during the mammogram, but do say something if you’re being hurt.
9-    The more compressed the breast tissue, the clearer the mammogram. (But pressure may spread cancer cells if they’re present.)
10-  If your breasts are tender, reschedule. During your fertile years, schedule mammograms for 7-10 days after your menstrual flow begins.
–  Don’t wear antiperspirant containing aluminum; it can interfere with the imaging process. (Those clear stones do contain aluminum, as do most commercial    
12–  If you want another opinion, you’ll need the original mammographic films, not copies. (X-ray facilities only keep films for 7 years.)
13-  Get your doctor to agree, in writing, before the procedure, to give you a copy of your mammogram. The U.S. Public Health Service advises women to ask for written  
         results from a  mammogram.
14-  Given the high percentage of “false normal” mammograms, if you think you have cancer, trust your intuition.
15-  Remove radioactive isotopes from your body with burdock root, seaweed, or miso.*

“Mammograms don’t promote breast health. Breast self-massage, breast self-exam, and lifestyle changes do.”


Written by Susan S. Weed, an Herbalist who has extensive knowledge and is dedicated to teaching women simple, safe and successful ways to regain and maintain health and vitality.

*Radioisotopes are used extensively in nuclear medicine to allow physicians to explore bodily structures and functions in the living body with a minimum of invasion to the patient.


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