Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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My Story

Hi. My name is Sheri Goddard, Co-Founder of Menopause Coach.

  Sheri Goddard Co-Founder of Menopause Coach

About Sheri Goddard Menopause Coach

My Purpose

I am author of Wrinkle-Free Grandmas, (available on Kindle), a Reiki Master Teacher, mom, grandma, wife, sister and daughter. I help educate, inspire and empower women to make healthier choices for their bodies.

I always looked for “natural” solutions for any appearance, energy or health challenges I faced. 

As an aesthetician (skin care specialist) and salon owner in the 80′s, I taught and coached women about how to improve their skin their diets and their lives.


Have you ever had these challenges, frustrations or pains?

•  feeling bloated
•  not able to sleep through the night
•  aching joints
•  no sex drive
•  painful to have sex
•  weight gain
•  mood swings
•  a lack of being able to focus
•  poor memory
•  dry, itchy vagina
•  fear that your partner may not understand
•  hot flashes
•  night sweats

Well I had them too!  I thought I was going crazy!  Also thought something was seriously wrong with my body!  

Was I ever going to feel “normal” and healthy again? I felt overwhelmed about where to find help and who to trust.


My Story

I was born in 1954. When I turned 42 years old, I began to notice some significant changes taking place in my body.

When I had sex with my husband, I found it very painful and most times we had to stop or cut our intimate time short. I was sure there was some huge tumor inside of me!

My joints ached for what seemed like no reason, as if I was 80 years old!

I had embarrassing incontinence that I thought only happened to old people!

I went to bed and when I woke up; my back would be totally wet from night sweats!

When I wore make-up, by lunch time it was as if it had melted away!

I really felt like I was losing my mind because I could not concentrate as I once could!  I could not remember things, especially names.

I had questions like these going through my head:

– I have heard that when estrogen declines, you can get
certain types of cancers. What if I get cancer?

– What about my bones, are they going to get brittle?

– Am I going to get osteoporosis unless I go onto HRT?

– Am I going to age faster unless I go onto HRT?

– Will it protect me against strokes?

– Is my skin and vagina going to dry up unless I use HRT?

– Some information says that menopausal symptoms are only temporary?  Is that true?

– Will I ever be interested in having sex again?  And will it
be pain-free?

It may sound silly now, but I had a huge concern about whether I was going to get through this change, and still be okay physically and mentally. It can be a scary time in your life!

I made an appointment with my gynecologist. She said it was my time for menopause and gave me a prescription for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I was confused, surprised and somewhat relieved to hear this – all at the same time.

I really thought I was too young to be in menopause. And I really didn’t want any prescription medications for it!  I was desperate to find a way to get my body to feel “normal” again without having to take drugs.


Here is what I did:

  • I started reading books, articles and websites about menopause
  • I changed my diet – cut down on sugar and processed foods
  • I added more fresh or frozen veggies to my meals
  • I joined a nearby gym and worked out with weights 2 -3 times a week
  • I only had one cup of coffee daily
  • I made a conscious effort to drink more water
  • I limited desserts to special occasions
  • I started stir-frying veggies (along with protein) for dinner
  • I started using my crock pot which allowed for healthier meals
  • I stopped drinking liquids after 7 PM so my sleep would not be interrupted


Although this did not happen overnight, I was very pleased that I had implemented these lifestyle changes. All of these things really helped me and had value.

I have continued my studies in the field of menopause relief and have discovered more solutions including a unique system that can help relieve menopause symptoms, starting at the cell.

Now I can help women overcome their challenges by sharing what I’ve learned and what has worked for me. I am here to help you too!



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