Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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When you get dressed each morning, do you get frustrated with how you look and feel about the weight you have gained?  Does it take time to go through your closet to find something appropriate to wear that even fits?  How many years has it been since you felt good about wearing a bathing suit? It seems that weight gain is one of the signs of menopause.  You may have gained it around your midsection, causing your body shape to be a challenge! You have friends where you work who are slim and look so appealing to you with their Freshwater Pearl Necklace hanging around their necks.  Their clothes... (Read More ...)

  Most people don’t know about STDAware’s symptoms in men, they don’t even knwo that you can find a date here if you happen to be STD positive. It is never too late to change your habits into healthy ones! Have you thought about healthy meal planning?  If you want to know more, read this. The planning ahead  is what makes it work so well.    (Read More ...)

Are you unhappy with your how your hair looks?  Have you lost or are you still losing hair while going through perimenopause or menopause? I am sure you are wondering what can be the cause of female hair loss.   Top 6 reasons for hair loss (abnormal hair loss)  Genetics – age related, family predisposition Trauma and stress – a lack of oxygen by constricting the blood vessels, lack of nutrients reaching the hair follicle Medications– chemotherapy, acne medications, steroids, birth control, some blood pressure, diabetic and heart disease medications can cause temporary... (Read More ...)

Do you feel you are afraid of getting older?  Do You have anxiety over how your life is right now and what may happen to you in the future?  Are these signs of menopause? Maybe your kids are grown and they have either left home or they are in college by now – you are your husband now have an empty nest.  So appropriately named, you do really feel empty – as if  you have no purpose, no direction.  You don’t enjoy your job anymore. You used to look forward to going to work – it was such a pleasure.  But so many things have changed in the years you have been working there. You... (Read More ...)

  How well do you know yourself?  Do you have a relationship with yourself?  If not, this is the time to create one and learn to love and forgive yourself.     (Read More ...)

   This goes back to the thoughts we think on a daily basis.  Are you aware of what thoughts you are putting out into the universe?  Learn to be aware because your thoughts are going to create your reality!  If you are feeling stuck or have negative thoughts, then get involved in the Miracle Mindshift It is fun, creative and will make a huge difference in your life!  It takes only 10 minutes a day.      (Read More ...)

  Do you fear making a mistake?  Think about it.  We all make mistakes or we would not be here!  Better to make a mistake and learn from it than to be paralyzed in your life and have regrets.      (Read More ...)

Do you do any kind of consistent exercise?  Perimenopause, that time leading up to menopause when your hormones are fluctuating, is when you are going to experience symptoms.  Perimenopause and menopause, both can be a stressful time in your life!  If you haven’t done your research and don’t quite know what to expect, then it will catch you be surprise, no doubt!  Since we know that exercise has so many benefits already for your body, your mind and your spirit, would it not help to eliminate those perimenopause symptoms and menopausal symptoms?  The proof is in this article by... (Read More ...)

Menopause Tips:  Are there days when you feel lost or don’t have a direction to go toward? While being in midlife and/or going through menopause, you may feel lost, like you don’t know yourself anymore.  You may feel like you don’t have a purpose.  Before I started MenopauseCoach, I can remember feeling that way too. You, your needs and desires have probably been on the back burner for many years if you have raised a family.  If so, your kids may be gone now and now you ask yourself, what is your purpose?  What do you have come here to do?  Have you ever wanted to find... (Read More ...)

  Do you take risks?  Or are you too stuck in fear?  Maybe you need help with a “mind shift” to get yourself to the next level.  Wouldn’t that be exciting?  MenopauseCoach Mind Shift – it has worked for thousands of people just like you.  It is easy and takes only 10 minutes a day!    (Read More ...)