Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Learn Ho’oponopono – Easy Tool For Life Christmas has always been a special time of year for me in my heart. People seem to come together to help those less fortunate. I came across something very interesting. Actually my sister pointed it out to me. It is an old Hawaiin tradition called Ho’oponopono. They say it may go back as far as 35,000 years. “Hoʻoponopono” is defined in the Hawaiin dictionary as “mental cleansing: family conferences in which relationships were set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness.” Literally,... (Read More ...)

Are You Creating Some Good Family Memories? If you have been following me on Facebook or a recent post, you will have noticed that my daughter and two granddaughters were invited to move in with my husband and I.  Temporarily, of course!  (They want it to be temporary as much as we do.) It has been an interesting time, to say the least.  We have all had to make many compromises and get used to each others personalities.  At first, it seemed overwhelming to us.  There was a period of adjustment just to be able to handle more people in “our space.” Writing this reminds me of my... (Read More ...)

Have you heard of the “Sandwich Generation?”  It was new to me. I guess being at the age of 54 years now, I am considered part of the “sandwich generation.”  People like me are feeling the pressure or “squeeze” of their children (or grand children maybe) and also the pressure of taking care of their aging parents. Because of the economic situation going on right now, my husband and I invited my daughter and two grand daughters from Virginia to come and live with us  I am sure a lot of people are having to do the same around the country. Having the luxury... (Read More ...)

6 Sexy Foods Believe it or not: Research on how certain foods can affect the sex hormones. 1- Did you know the important sex hormones are boosted by eating a banana? The doses of potassium and B vitamins in the banana can do this. 2- Chocolate? Of course! The same hormone that is released during sex, phenyl ethylamine, is also found in chocolate. If you eat chocolate that has at least 60% cacao, studies have shown that you will have a higher sex drive than those who don’t eat it.  Have a few pieces after dinner and see if your stress slips away.  The chemicals in chocolate trigger the release... (Read More ...)

Feeling Disconnected Your role is changing now. Life is always changing, but most of us resist change. It has been said that it has to do with “fear of the unknown.”  We would rather stay in a situation that is predictable even though it is negative or not healthy for us because we know what to expect.  Do you feel disconnected from “life?” Your child or children are now living elsewhere, maybe at a college or university. You are feeling lonely and feel like you are not needed anymore. Your husband is at work, as usual. He still works long hours even though you are at... (Read More ...)

Funny thing about going through menopause: statistics show that women do so much better in their lives by staying connected to other people.  Whether it is with their partner/husband of years or friends and family, it doesn’t matter.  We all need to feel connected to other people. Even pets help us stay connected. If you are in menopause or have gone through, and are still in a relationship with a partner/husband after all these years, what is the best way for you to approach the rest of your life? The “experts” say that after some men retire, they tend to withdrawl, ... (Read More ...)