Friday, January 19, 2018
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Relationship Problems? Can you remember when you were younger and had special feelings for someone of the opposite sex?   You didn’t really know that person but you had butterflies when they were near you.  You thought you knew all about this person.  You really thought it was your “dream” person. I can remember experiencing this when I was about sixteen years old.  I dreamed about all kinds of different situations being with this person.  It became a reality and there were  relationship problems, needless to say, it  did not last long.   This person was not what I... (Read More ...)

Do you think you are ready to move on after going through your midlife divorce? If you are having or already had a midlife divorce, most likely it  is one of the most stressful times in your life.  Some of you saw it coming, maybe for years and others may feel like your marriage was just fine, but as you suddenly found out, your partner did not feel that way.  Even if it turns out that you really wanted a divorce, it can still be a painful process for you.  It is important that you recognize the pain and that you deal with it at the time of divorce before moving on to the next relationship. This... (Read More ...)

Do YOU want to know a secret?   Well, as soon as you are told, it won’t be a secret anymore… and that is okay! We are very excited about this and hope you will be too! Menopause Coach is changing and you will experience some new additions to it!  Still want to know that secret? Dr Ray Goddard and I have decided to put our hearts, our heads and our experience together!  What does this mean for YOU? We will  be able to provide even more just for YOU!  With my experience of helping women like you over the years, my studies about alternative health and menopause, Dr. Ray will bring... (Read More ...)

The following was posted by Sarah G. Carter on Vibrant Nation. I wanted to share it here because I found it very interesting – I think this has happened to each of us to some degree during our life. I know it has happened to me. – Sheri I’ve been thinking about the long list of women with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to have been intimately connected over the course of my life. Some are physically gone–my grandmother, both aunts, my oldest friend’s mother–but none forgotten. Their lessons and presence are with me still, a part of the fabric of who I... (Read More ...)