Friday, January 19, 2018
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Have You Ever Experienced Vaginal Dryness? If you have, you know exactly how painful that feels when you try to be intimate with your partner. The pain can feel like a knife or some other strange and/or sharp object is in your vagina – where it should not be! If it is not painful, it may be itchy, stinging, burning or may even bleed! So, What Do You Do? You AVOID having intimate relations or you end up experimenting with all kinds of expensive oils and commercial products just trying to get some relief! You start having doubts of whether or not you are a “good” partner. But you... (Read More ...)

  Tips About Sexuality For Women by Dr Christiane Northrup What You Need To Know Sexuality is an organic, normal, physical, and emotional function of human life. And women are capable of sexual function and pleasure throughout their entire lives. It’s realistic and entirely possible to create the sex life of your dreams, one that includes nurturing, intimacy, love, passion, and a spiritual connection—if that’s what you desire. In order to do this, you have to distinguish between your own personal truths about sexuality and the distorted views we’ve inherited from our culture. Here... (Read More ...)

If you liked reading the articles by Dr DePree about the health benefits of using a vibrator, and you don’t have a clue where to get one or what kind, Dr Ruth will tell you all about this one brand she recommends. You remember Dr Ruth don’t you? All baby boomers should know who she is! Dr Christiane Northrup recommends using one too. It really can enhance the relationship with your partner when you share your special time together. Go to The Eroscillator and read about it. Also make sure to contact The Medical Negligence Experts if you have had a bad experience with doctor’s... (Read More ...)

Shopping For a Vibrator Shopping for vibrators can be fun, and really very interesting. These devices come in many configurations and with many options, because, well, we’re all different. What one woman or couple likes and needs can be a real turnoff for the next. While my partners and I shopped for the collection we offer at our online store, we kept these factors in mind: Size and Shape Vibrators come in sizes and shapes destined for specific as well as general use. You will find mini vibrators great for clitoral and prostate stimulation. These small devices may fit in the palm of your hand... (Read More ...)

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Part 2 of 3 Of course, I can explain why we need more vulva-vaginal stimulation at our age to nearly any woman in my office, and she may understand and fully accept what I’m telling her. But her next step is to go home and discuss this with her partner, if she has one. Many times, at our age, we’re talking about spouses — sexual partners we’ve had for a very long time. And if that sexual partnership has not included the use of any sexual aids, bringing that first vibrator to bed can be a daunting change. The truth is, we don’t know how our partners will respond to our need or desire to... (Read More ...)

“A Vibrator? Me? At my age?!” That’s a pretty common response when I recommend — actually prescribe — using a vibrator to the patients I see in my menopause practice. I live in a small city in the middle of the Midwest, where sex aids are of course in use — as they are everywhere and for millenia — but they are hard to find and almost never openly discussed, at least not among the generation hitting menopause right now. But, yes, Virginia, a vibrator, for you, and especially now. Here’s why… As we approach menopause, our sex hormones are in a constant state of flux. Perhaps flooding... (Read More ...)

6 Sexy Foods Believe it or not: Research on how certain foods can affect the sex hormones. 1- Did you know the important sex hormones are boosted by eating a banana? The doses of potassium and B vitamins in the banana can do this. 2- Chocolate? Of course! The same hormone that is released during sex, phenyl ethylamine, is also found in chocolate. If you eat chocolate that has at least 60% cacao, studies have shown that you will have a higher sex drive than those who don’t eat it.  Have a few pieces after dinner and see if your stress slips away.  The chemicals in chocolate trigger the release... (Read More ...)