Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Menopause Tips:  Are there days when you feel lost or don’t have a direction to go toward? While being in midlife and/or going through menopause, you may feel lost, like you don’t know yourself anymore.  You may feel like you don’t have a purpose.  Before I started MenopauseCoach, I can remember feeling that way too. You, your needs and desires have probably been on the back burner for many years if you have raised a family.  If so, your kids may be gone now and now you ask yourself, what is your purpose?  What do you have come here to do?  Have you ever wanted to find... (Read More ...)

Menopause Tip:  Aspartame Danger Do you drink diet soda?  Do you eat sugar-free foods?  Do you feel like crap and don’t know why?  Do you have symptoms and when you are examined by your health professional, nothing is ever found?  Did you ever hear about aspartame danger? Do you have headaches?  Have a hard time getting quality sleep?  Have anxiety and don’t know why?  Heart palpitations?  Some of these symptoms would be blamed on menopause but this is worth checking out. There are over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consumption according to Dr.... (Read More ...)

Menopause Tip: Forgiveness Prayer This tip is important to help you stay healthy in the long run.  Sometimes your fluctuating hormones can cause you to be overly sensitive .  And hopefully around this “menopause time,” you are waking up to realize what is really important to you and what you want your life to look like. That is one of the reasons for menopause – to take stock in what changes you want to make to improve and enrich your life while going forward.  You are wiser now and have the intuition to follow your heart.  Just have to learn to listen! You may have held onto... (Read More ...)

Menopause Tip:  Bedtime Ritual When you are approaching menopause or in menopause, your sleep patterns often become interrupted because of changes your body is experiencing.  Your hormones are fluctuating to compensate for the drop in estrogen and possible others hormones.  Do you have a bedtime ritual? What is called a “power down hour” will help prepare you for a good night’s sleep.  If you do some of these same chores each night, it will become your bedtime ritual.  That will tell your body that you are preparing to go to sleep soon. One hour before bedtime, prepare your... (Read More ...)

Menopause Tip:  Daily Affirmations? At this time in your life, you have earned the right to create the life you have always wanted.  But remember:  What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract to create your life.  So be sure to monitor your thoughts – they should be empowering you!  Are you doing any daily affirmations? Focus only on what you want in life.  What are you trying to attract into your life? If you have trouble discovering what you want, California center will evaluate what you do not want and change it to what you want.  For... (Read More ...)

Menopause Tip: Stress Management One way to make a difference in your stress level is to spend time with your pet. It has been proven that you can: lower your blood pressure feel more connected (as opposed to isolated) reduce your stress in general Your pet is always there for you and loves you unconditionally.  Start giving back (love and attention) to your pet which  in turn will help better your health as well.  They are more than willing to help with your stress management!   Elsie   For more articles about stress and relieving stress, Click Here.    (Read More ...)