Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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I love sharing this article with you because I am sure it is something you can relate to.  I have said things like this in the past, years ago before learning about how important it is to try to live in the present moment. Do you know how important your words are as well as your thoughts?  Mindset  has to do with everything in your life, and writing daily affirmations can help change your mindset each day. Some day when I….written by Kathleen Hanagan Listen to yourself, and notice how often you speak about the future in this way: “once I lose 15 lbs……….,” “when the kids are... (Read More ...)

This article is by Donna Johnson and I wanted to share it with you.  It has always seemed that people who follow their dreams are the “lucky” ones.  That only happens to other people.  Well, even if you tried following your dream on a part time basis or as a hobby, wouldn’t that be better than not at all?  By creating and using daily affirmations customized to your life, you can get closer to finding what your purpose is and actually living a life that is based on your dreams!  What’s Your Passion by Donna Johnson (Health Secrets Newsletter)  All most all of us go... (Read More ...)

Do you set goals?  Have you ever used goal setting strategies to help you set your goals?  Have you ever had a serious goal in your mind and your family or other people close to you in your life told you it could not be done?  Maybe they just laughed when you talked about your goal.  There are always those “good friends” or family that are going to be jealous of you setting goals.  Or maybe they just aren’t positive people and want to keep you down on their level.  They aren’t about to change their situation for the better, and don’t want you to either. Carolyn... (Read More ...)

When you decide exactly what you want, and you can see it in your mind, feel what that feels like to already have it, your prayer will be answered.    (Read More ...)

  Have you ever heard your inner voice but didn’t pay attention?  Then you were sorry later that you didn’t?  It is always trying to get us to listen to it.  I believe it knows better than our conscious minds and can do a great job of guiding us if only we pay attention.    (Read More ...)

  Most people don’t know about STDAware’s symptoms in men, they don’t even knwo that you can find a date here if you happen to be STD positive. It is never too late to change your habits into healthy ones! Have you thought about healthy meal planning?  If you want to know more, read this. The planning ahead  is what makes it work so well.    (Read More ...)

  How well do you know yourself?  Do you have a relationship with yourself?  If not, this is the time to create one and learn to love and forgive yourself.     (Read More ...)

   This goes back to the thoughts we think on a daily basis.  Are you aware of what thoughts you are putting out into the universe?  Learn to be aware because your thoughts are going to create your reality!  If you are feeling stuck or have negative thoughts, then get involved in the Miracle Mindshift It is fun, creative and will make a huge difference in your life!  It takes only 10 minutes a day.      (Read More ...)

  Do you fear making a mistake?  Think about it.  We all make mistakes or we would not be here!  Better to make a mistake and learn from it than to be paralyzed in your life and have regrets.      (Read More ...)

  Do you take risks?  Or are you too stuck in fear?  Maybe you need help with a “mind shift” to get yourself to the next level.  Wouldn’t that be exciting?  MenopauseCoach Mind Shift – it has worked for thousands of people just like you.  It is easy and takes only 10 minutes a day!    (Read More ...)