Thursday, February 22, 2018
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  Is your life so busy that you don’t have time to enjoy the simple things that bring joy?  Do you know where you want to end up on your journey or are you just busying yourself so you don’t have to deal with it?    (Read More ...)

  Go in the directions of your dreams.  Are you doing that, or do you know what your dreams are?    (Read More ...)

  Do you listen to your inner voice that will never steer you wrong?    (Read More ...)

  Do you use affirmations?  If not, we challenge you to create a good one for yourself!    (Read More ...)

Isn’t it wonderful to mature and finally be “comfortable in your own skin?”  (Read More ...)

  Have you made peace with your “beautiful self” yet?                (Read More ...)

How do you start your day?  Is it by yelling at your husband, at your pet or your college age kid still living with you?   Is it by abusing yourself with your negative and dis-empowering thoughts?   If  you do start your day this way, maybe it is time for you to notice what you are creating in your life! Are you tired of feeling stuck and angry or just have no enthusiasm for anything?  You feel tired, lifeless, and are not happy about anything in your life.  You absolutely hate feeling this way…but don’t know how to change it. Life is way too short to go from day to day without... (Read More ...)

Have you ever volunteered in a position that you feel honored to do so? I am a volunteer for the Denver hospice.  I sit with patients who are in their 11th hour.  Another way of saying that, is, they are the patients who are  ‘actively dying.”   – which has brought me to the thought of why not start your bucket list ideas? What a privilege it is to be able to volunteer with these special people.  I don’t do it often, maybe once a month but I look forward to it when my commitment day is approaching.  It is only a four hour shift and the time goes by so fast.  Usually... (Read More ...)

I chose to share this article with you because I enjoyed reading it.  Also it reminds me of an article I wrote in the past.  I think there has to be at least a part of it that all of us menopausal women can really relate to…if not the whole article. We approach menopause not really sure what it is all about.  What do YOU want it to be about? I agree with Penelope and have been trying to help women like you see that it is about YOU and this is YOUR time!   It is a choice!  You just have to have the right mindset, knowledge and support which is what we love to provide for you.  Can menopause... (Read More ...)

How do you bring prosperity into your life? It seems so many people are totally stressed out and stuck in survival mode these days. Do you feel stuck in your life?  Do you feel there are negative things happening in YOUR life and you have no control?  Is there a time from the past stuck in your mind you would like to go back to?  Do you have fears about what may happen in your future?  Do you feel like everything is caving in on you? Does it ever feel like other people you know have prosperity in their lives – but you will never have that?  You are not alone. Everyone seems to go through... (Read More ...)