Friday, January 19, 2018
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Have you ever volunteered in a position that you feel honored to do so? I am a volunteer for the Denver hospice.  I sit with patients who are in their 11th hour.  Another way of saying that, is, they are the patients who are  ‘actively dying.”   – which has brought me to the thought of why not start your bucket list ideas? What a privilege it is to be able to volunteer with these special people.  I don’t do it often, maybe once a month but I look forward to it when my commitment day is approaching.  It is only a four hour shift and the time goes by so fast.  Usually... (Read More ...)

Try This Eye Exercise Indoor living is bad for your eyes because it doesn’t give your eyes practice focusing on long-range objects. To keep your vision sharp, you need to practice looking at the horizon, then looking back at something close. The problem is that in most cities these days, the horizon can’t even be found! Many people who are diagnosed with “bad vision” simply need more eye exercise. Living in Colorado makes it easy to do this eye exercise. We are so fortunate to be able to see the horizon anyway we turn. Anyway, if you feel the need to look for professional... (Read More ...)

Some Alternative Approaches to Cervical Cancer (NaturalNews) Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women and almost 4,000 cases were fatal just last year. Conventional treatments for cervical cancer such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, hysterectomy, or the removal of lymph nodes and ovaries can often leave the woman infertile. But at, you will leave looking fantastic and better than ever. However, alternatives exist for women who seek a more holistic approach to improving their bodies’ responses to cancer. Cervical cancer can be remedied... (Read More ...)

Cheryl Richardson and Dr Northrup Teach Self-Care for Women in Boston, MA These are some of the points that were mentioned by Dr. Christiane Northrup during her seminar in Boston, MA. The period between age 40 and age 55 is a time when a woman becomes the “Queen of Herself.” It’s an inward phase of starting over when all that you haven’t dealt with comes up to be addressed. The mind can stay engaged with data forever but it’s the heart that actually instigates change. There is no illness that is incurable. Divine Love is the most powerful healing force of all. Women... (Read More ...)

The title of a new book — “Second Spring: Hundreds of Natural Secrets for Women to Revitalize and Regenerate at Any Age” by Dr. Maoshing Ni, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who co-founded the Tao of Wellness Chinese Medicine Center in California. Dr. Ni’s book lists natural Chinese remedies such as: • Take cinnamon, as a spice or tea, to control blood sugar. • Don’t drink fluids with meals. They dilute the gastric juices that digest our food. Drink fluids in between meals. • Chinese Moss fights memory loss. It boosts brain chemicals that have been linked... (Read More ...)

Resolve Your Issues – Free Your Energy We all have the ability to attract the things we want into our lives. I think a lot of people haven’t come to that realization or maybe forget, and feel powerless to attract those things. If there are things, places or people who drain your energy when being around them, you will never be at your full potential to create the life you dream of having. When I know I have unresolved issues, I am not able to focus on any one thing.  A piece of my energy is out somewhere else, on that issue that needs to be addressed and completed before moving on... (Read More ...)