Friday, January 19, 2018
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Are You Ready For Some Skin Care Tips That Make A Difference? You have reached your 50’s now and when you look into the mirror, you cringe!  Why didn’t I take better care of my skin, you ask?   You see red spots, brown spots, sensitivity, sagging, uneven skin tone, dry patches.  What ever you see,  it is not too late!  Anything in this article you start doing now will have great benefit for you, or else you can read revitol review on I am sharing with you, 7 easy skin care tips you can start doing right away that will make a huge difference in how you and others... (Read More ...)

Organic Skin Care – More Urgent Now Than Ever! Here are skin care tips that will help you a lot. Read the article. Sheila is having a lot of problems. She is in her 50’s. A typical day in Sheila’s life starts as she stops at a fast food place for her breakfast. She then eats it as she is driving to work. If she is running late leaving home, she will skip breakfast and have coffee and donuts when she arrives at work. For lunch, she usually has a burger, fries and a diet drink. Dinner doesn’t consist of much, (more junk food) especially if her husband works late. She isn’t... (Read More ...)

Wear a Sunscreen – Yes or No? “Being an Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist) for 20 years, I always recommended using a sunscreen for people in the sun  for long periods of time. Today, there is more evidence of maybe why you would not want to use sunscreens on a daily basis, or if you do, which kind is best. You have to decide.”  – Sheri Goddard The debate about sunscreens rages on. Dermatologists advise slathering up every day. Nutritionists and holistic doctors advise sun exposure to get vitamin D. Some even say sunscreens cause cancer, and a disturbing study showed that... (Read More ...)

At Least 11,000 People Die Every Year No matter how much we love to spend time in the sun, we still have to be sensible about it. More than 11,000 people die from melanoma (skin cancer) every year. The ultraviolet rays (UV Rays) from the sun can cause the skin to look aged prematurely (wrinkled and leathery over time), can cause skin cancer and also affect the vision of the eyes. There are UVA, UVB and UVC Rays from the sun. Ultraviolet Rays consist of 3 types:  A) Aging rays, whose rays are longer, they affect the collagen in the skin (negatively) and produce free radicals which damage the cells. What... (Read More ...)