Friday, January 19, 2018
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Are you “coping” with menopause headaches on a regular basis? Maryanne is in menopause.  She already balanced her hormones naturally but wasn’t able to get rid of those terrible headaches! Maryanne woke up most days with  “menopause headaches.”   Sometimes it was a very mild one and she could “cope” with it, but most days it was a migraine and it kept her in bed trying to escape the pain.  She had been to several doctors and they all wanted to give her pain medication for the headaches. At first, she started taking one of the prescriptions for her headaches... (Read More ...)

Tips For Coping With Headaches Have you ever suffered from a migraine?  I am so fortunate that I have not.  I have had a few headaches in my life, but very seldom. People usually describe a migraine headache as a throbbing, very intense headache.  Often there will be blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, nausea, vomiting, eye pain, and the intense head pain. Headaches usually are a result of the arteries of the brain and scull (the dura mater that covers the brain and the cranial nerves), which are infected, pulled, inflamed, stretched, compressed or irritated. Headache sufferers have benefited... (Read More ...)