Friday, January 19, 2018
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Ladies and gents, have you ever wondered if there really is a such thing as male menopause, andropause or low t symptoms? Well, there is!  This is an informative article about male menopause and what the symptoms are, written by Dr. Ray.  It should help you prepare for and understand better, the middle age symptoms you (as a man) or your husband may be experiencing now or what may be coming. What is Andropause or What is Meant by Low T Symptoms? Sometimes called “The Male Menopause” or “MANopause” The Facts:  Andropause, also known as the male menopause or MANopause,... (Read More ...)

You recently may have read my article about troche.  For you, I have since done more research and had to let you know more information about troche.  You don’t read or hear that much about troche, but it is quickly becoming more popular.  What are troches and and do they work best for you when using bio-identical hormones? Troche is a system of delivery into the body for women using  bio-identical hormones. It is like a lozenge and put under the tongue to be absorbed, taking 30 to 45 minutes for the process (also called subbuccal lozenges.) My first article was favorable about troche. ... (Read More ...)

What is a troche and how can it help you?   In case you are curious, it is pronounced (troh-key.) Being in perimenopause or menopause, you may be experiencing symptoms such as  not being able to sleep at night.  You wake up grouchy and have no energy because you are totally exhausted! You have night sweats and wake up drenched!   You have to get up and actually put another night gown on, change the sheets and try to go back to sleep!   But now you are wide awake! What about hot flashes?  You are with a group of workers from your job and all of a sudden, everyone is staring at you –... (Read More ...)

 Do You Skip Breakfast?  Do you sometimes skip breakfast, maybe thinking:  “I’ll skip breakfast so I will decrease my calories to lose a few pounds”  Or – “I’ll grab something quick to give me some extra energy” – usually something sugary or caffeinated OR BOTH! Or-“I don’t have anything prepared, and I’m in a hurry” Well, Let me tell you about a client of mine . . . I have a menopause coaching client named Sheila who gave me permission to tell her story. When she worked in her husband’s medical practice, she hardly ever ate breakfast.  Most doctor offices... (Read More ...)

Connect The Dots…Plastics to Hormones In the largest study ever done on the effects of perfluorocarbons (PFCs) on womens hormone systems, West Virginia University researchers found in blood tests that higher levels of these man- made chemicals are associated with early menopausal symptoms in females aged 42 to 64. Premature menopause has been linked to a variety of health problems, including cardiovascular disease. Researchers collected data from 25,957 women, measuring serum concentration levels of PFCs and the female hormone estradiol, and reported a definite association between... (Read More ...)

Your Menopause When I was sent the DVD of Managing Menopause Naturally and asked to review it, I thought – okay.  I will do it and try to keep an open mind.  Well, it wasn’t  exactly what I was expecting. It was a pleasant surprise to watch the DVD and to feel really good about what I was hearing! Managing Menopause Naturally is almost two hours long.  It goes into depth about menopause, the history of it, what can be expected, fears you may have, how it affects other women around the world, established medical treatments most popular, and the holistic alternatives you can check... (Read More ...)

Here are a few questions from an interview with Dr Christiane Northrup and  Share Guide which is a Holistic Health Magazine and Resource Directory.This is taken  from her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – her information is always good, especially if you are new to this information. Share Guide: If you have a body you are worthy of being healthy, if you ask me. If you are going to be healthy, you should listen to your body’s signals and you should have some rest in your work week. All of my successful mentors take regular time off through the year to get away. Dr.... (Read More ...)

So you and your doctor have decided to replace your decreasing hormones with natural hormones instead of the synthetic alternatives.  Congratulations!  But don’t stop here.  The next puzzle piece is how to get the hormones inside your body where they can exert their beneficial effects. And don’t be too quick to swallow the obvious:  a capsule or tablet.  The problem is, many of the benefits of natural HRT will be lost as the hormones go through the process of digestion. None of your circulating hormones are secreted into your digestive tract as a means of total body distribution.  Glands... (Read More ...)

Recently the FDA has announced a policy restricting the use of Estriol, an estrogen produced by the human body. At the same time, no reason for this capricious policy has been cited. However, in recent years the FDA has tried to adopt other strange policies restricting patient access to compounded medications, and has lost in both the Federal and Supreme Courts. The FDA’s position is especially strange because of a lack of evidence to support any such decision, and might be related to pressure from drug companies. Synthetic hormone manufacturer Wyeth has been involved in previous attempts because... (Read More ...)

Nurses in Oregon may soon lose their ability to prescribe estriol, the safe and effective bioidentical estrogen hormone. Meanwhile, an FDA-approved menopause drug is killing women at twice the usual mortality rate. A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that women who take the synthetic estrogen replacement product Prempro®—a combination of a potent estrogen derived from pregnant mares’ urine and a synthetic progestin—are twice as likely to die from breast cancer. (This confirms the research we reported to you in 2008.)  This month’s Archives... (Read More ...)