Friday, January 19, 2018
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Have you noticed all the drug commercials on television and the radio trying to get your attention?  The author of this article points out the pharmaceutical advertising which is targeted toward females from the time you go through puberty all the way up to menopause and beyond. Be assured, they have a menopause treatment for you! I honestly prefer the treatments from Please be aware of this.  It is called scare tactics to get you to succumb to the fear they are constantly trying to create. You can have much more control of your body by natural methods than they... (Read More ...)

This article is written by Carrie Tucker, The Life Breath Coach, who is very experienced in the world of heart failure and breathing correctly to change many negative health conditions in the body. Going through menopause, water weight may be a concern for you.  Carrie talks about how to get rid of water weight! Do You Wonder How To Get Rid Of Water Weight? How in the world do you lose water?  It’s SO hard to get rid of water weight! Have you ever noticed that exercise doesn’t help?   Reducing calories doesn’t help either.   Certainly you’ve heard that fluid retention is about salt.  ... (Read More ...)

(NaturalNews) They are added to everything from shampoos and deodorants to processed foods and pharmaceutical drugs in order to inexpensively extend shelf life and improve product stability. But a new study out of the University of Reading (UR) in the UK has found that, based on tests conducted, nearly every single woman with breast cancer has one or more paraben chemicals in her breast tissue, suggesting a possible link between the chemical and the disease. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Dr. Philippa Darbre and her team from UR gathered tissue samples from 40 women who were undergoing... (Read More ...)

We know that the foods and the quality of foods we ingest do have an affect on our health. The better your health when you are going through menopause, the easier your transition will be and the less symptoms you will have to deal with. This is what I experienced while going through menopause. My diet and and exercise helped to greatly improve my lifestyle.  -Sheri Goddard Did you know that alternative cancer treatment has grown into a powerful movement that’s catching on quickly all over the world?  And it has led to the growing realization that cancer is curable!  In fact, numerous advanced... (Read More ...)

Studies Show One Simple Ingredient Safe and Effective For UTI’s Urinary tract infections affect up to half of all women over the course of a lifetime and are responsible for 8 million doctor visits each year. Women are more prone to urinary tract infections than men, in part because of their shorter urethras. Adult men have another factor going for them—a bacterial growth inhibitor injected directly into their urinary system by their prostate glands. You’ve probably heard that drinking cranberry juice can be helpful in supporting a healthy urinary tract. Studies do show that cranberry... (Read More ...)

Two Types of Breast Cancer – Signs and Symptoms to Look For  Breast cancer is classified into two types, based on whether or not it is invasive: * Noninvasive (in situ) breast cancer: Cancer cells have not spread to adjacent areas of your breast—they have remained in their place of origin. The most common type is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which occurs in the lining of the milk ducts. Noninvasive breast cancer is sometimes called “stage 0” cancer. * Invasive breast cancer. Cancer cells infiltrate or spread outside the membrane that lines a duct or lobule, into surrounding... (Read More ...)

Facts About Breast Cancer According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 200,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed each year in the US, making it three times more common than other gynecological cancers. Breast cancer will claim the lives of 40,000 people this year. What is really disturbing is the speed at which breast cancer rates have risen over the past 5 decades. In 1960, one in twenty women were diagnosed—but today, it is one in seven. The following are some important facts about this type of cancer: * One woman in eight who lives to age 85 will develop breast cancer. *... (Read More ...)

15 Things You Can do if You Are Having a Mammogram: I recently did a post with 4 parts to the article about the negative side of having mammograms. The information was written five years ago and when I researched this month, it is still a controversial subject, depending on whose opinion you want to believe. Here are some common sense things to look for if you decide to go this route.  – Sheri Goddard 1-    Get the best, even if it means a long journey. 2–    Go where they specialize, preferably where they do at least 20 mammograms a day. 3–    Be sure the facility is... (Read More ...)

The Experts Speak on Mammograms and Breast Cancer – Part 4 This is the final part of the article from Below is a good resource of information written by a variety of doctors.   Regular mammography of younger women increases their cancer risks. Analysis of controlled trials over the last decade has shown consistent increases in breast cancer mortality within a few years of commencing screening. This confirms evidence of the high sensitivity of the premenopausal breast, and on cumulative carcinogenic effects of radiation. The Politics Of Cancer by Samuel S Epstein... (Read More ...)

Mammograms and Breast Cancer – Part 3 New Screening Technologies While screening is an important step in fighting breast cancer, many researchers are looking for alternatives to mammography. Burton Goldberg totes the safety and accuracy of new thermography technologies. Able to detect cancers at a minute physical stage of development, thermography does not use x-rays, nor is there any compression of the breast. Also important, new thermography technologies do not lose effectiveness with dense breast tissue, decreasing the chances of false-negative results. Some doctors are now offering digital... (Read More ...)