Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Don’t Panic: 7 FACTS About ‘Swine Flu’ With all the sensationalized news about the so-called swine flu flying around, HSI (Health Sciences Institute) wants to set all the facts straight. 1 – So far, only 82 cases of so-called swine flu have been definitively identified worldwide, mostly in Mexico (26 confirmed, 7 deaths) and the U.S.(with 40 confirmed, no deaths). (Though about 1600 suspected cases, including 159 deaths, are reported in Mexico.) That does not add up to a pandemic swine flu outbreak. 2 – This virus has nothing to do with swine. In fact, it hasn’t... (Read More ...)

A study was done on over 200,000 Norwegian women, ages 50-64 over 2 consecutive 6- year periods. Half of the women received regular mammograms and/or periodic breast exams. The other half had no regular screenings for breast cancer. The researchers, H. Gilbert Welch, M.D., Perh-Henrik Zahl, M.D., Ph.D., and Jan Mehlen, M.D., Ph.D. found that the women who received regular routine screening had 22 percent more incidents of breast cancer than the other women in the study. It was concluded by Dr. Welch that the second group of women (who had no regular screenings) had just as many occurrances of breast... (Read More ...)