Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Principle 6  is Understanding How Environmental Chemicals and Hormones Can Mimic Your Hormones. What are hormone disruptors? If after dieting, exercising and doing all the right things and you still don’t see any weight loss – you don’t have to look too far.  You are currently being exposed to plenty of synthetic environmental hormones on a daily basis. The meats, dairy, meat and dairy products are all coming from animals that have been given these synthetic hormones. Cattle, chickens, turkeys and now even fish – unless they are organic or wild caught – are all fed these hormones. They... (Read More ...)

Prinicple 4 – One of the most important principles is SLEEP! Are you getting enough and is it “good quality” sleep? Growth Hormone is a major fat burning hormone and it is activated at night – not during the day. It is anti-aging hormone and it decreases with time (as we get older.) Being one of the most important to activate, if you are not sleeping, you are not generating sufficient amounts of GH! This is such a big problem for so many menopausal women! Your weight loss efforts will be a huge waste of time!   Principle 5 – Detox The liver is the major hub of most of... (Read More ...)

If you were unable to attend our May 3 Menogasm Call – we wanted you to have this information about your stubborn weight loss. We discussed why you may be frustrated and upset regarding your weight loss efforts. This is part 2 of 4 parts of  – just the highlights!   One of the biggest myths for losing weight is to reduce your calories! Principle 2 – It’s not about the calories – it’s about the hormones and what nutrients are in those calories. There are many diets that show different proportions of: fats proteins carbs We teach  you how to get more nutrients out of your... (Read More ...)

If you were unable to attend our May 3 Menogasm Call – we wanted you to have this information. We discussed why you may be frustrated and upset regarding your weight loss efforts. There was so much useful information, we wanted to make sure you have it – Plus, there was SO MUCH information, we are going to Make several posts – just from this one call! This will be part 1 of 4 parts of just the highlights!   If you are exercising and dieting and still can’t seem to lose that stubborn weight – this call was FOR YOU! If you are confused and confounded about which... (Read More ...)

Do you love your morning coffee but it doesn’t love you?  They say coffee is the most popular beverage world wide. Have you seen a difference since you have gotten older with how coffee reacts in your body? Has your doctor told you to cut down on your coffee or only drink decaf? Does it upset your stomach or just not agree with you in some way? Is coffee healthy?  Can that be a possibility? After spending ten years of my life working with my family, helping them build an espresso bar business in the Virginia and D.C. area, you can bet your booties I love my morning coffee! I have noticed... (Read More ...)

Did you know you have two sets of hormones, the fat making hormones and the fat burning hormones?  Have you tried all kinds of diets and even exercise and have not had any success? Yet, still gaining weight every year that you get older? Are you tired of having to buy new clothes just so you have something to wear that fits? Hopefully you read the last article, “Are Your Fat Hormones Making You Fat?”  If you did, then you learned there are certain things that trigger the fat making hormones to be activated and what those things are. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, go... (Read More ...)

Ellen was a menopause client we worked with. She wanted help from us because she was fat and gaining more weight every year. She had tried a variety of diets. Every time a new one came out, there was Ellen ready to sign up for whatever it was! Actually she didn’t care what it was, only that it was the newest and greatest weight loss plan yet. She had tried them all, but didn’t have much success. She didn’t know it, but her fat hormones were making her fat. Sometimes she would skip meals if she had something more important to do. She also watched the amount of calories she took... (Read More ...)

Do you know what you can do to have more energy during menopause?  It is not a secret that you would love to have more energy to be able to accomplish everything you want to do.  I have created a list of which you can choose one, a few or all of the ideas below. 1-  Drink A Lot of water – Dehydration is a cause of fatigue because it slowly creeps up on you.  If you consistently drink less than 8 cups of water a day, you may be sluggish all the time.  Get a 32 oz (1 quart, 4 cups) water bottle.  Your goal is to polish off 2 of those a day.  Try it for a week and see if your general... (Read More ...)

Dieting is big business! Over the air and through massive magazine ad campaigns, you hear and read promises of quick, safe, and guaranteed weight loss—-for a fee.  There is always information about the newest and best diet going!  Like a lot of things, it is good marketing because dieting doesn’t work. How many diets have you tried? Although most diet and fitness guides don’t keep accurate information of their results, informal surveys have revealed that very few dieters will have maintained their weight loss at the end of one year.   It may surprise you to learn the people who... (Read More ...)

Are You Ready For Change? Why do you wake up and feel like crap? Why do you not sleep well? Why do you have constant cravings to carbs and sweets? Why are you gaining weight even though you feel like you are “watching what you eat?” Do you feel like you are doing something wrong? Guess what!  It is not your fault! Did you know you are eating food-like products made to look better, taste better and smell better so you will be attracted to eating more of them? Did you know diet colas have the deadly combination of caffeine AND aspartame in them? Did you know Americans eat 22 teaspoons... (Read More ...)