Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Why Organic? I recently attended a conference on breast cancer. It is the very first time I have ever heard a doctor frankly give a presentation on diet. She held no punches and did not couch her talk with soft suggestions we all know like; eat more fruits and vegetables and whole grains and less high fat foods and sweets for optimum good health. But here is the wake up comment; if you are not eating ORGANIC, FORGET ABOUT IT! What? Meat Often commercial beef is raised with an estrogen pellet in the cow’s ear. This estrogen makes the cow grow fatter faster. This hormone is especially not good... (Read More ...)

The Heart Attack Grill In Arizona We can, as a society, be astoundingly cruel to people who are obese. They might be creative, caring and hopeful people, but we don’t see that. Far too often, we see only their weight. What does it say about us that we act as though you can take the measure of a person by the size bathing suit they wear? Maybe this partially explains why obese people are flocking to a restaurant outside Phoenix, Arizona, whose name, and I am not making this up, is the Heart Attack Grill. The restaurant, which seats 100, is often packed. It offers what owner Jon Basso calls,... (Read More ...)

Did You Know About Apples And Other Fruit? Sure, apples are delicious and healthy. And, as NaturalNews has previously reported, there is a growing body of evidence showing apples fight cancer. In fact, half a dozen studies published by Rui Hai Liu, Cornell associate professor of food science and a member of Cornell’s Institute for Comparative and Environmental Toxicology, have found eating apples is an especially powerful way to prevent breast cancer  (…). Now there’s breaking research news that shows consuming apples regularly may contribute... (Read More ...)

Diet and Cancer Research   Of the many diseases that affect people these days, cancer is among the most feared. But despite a wealth of scientific data, most people remain unaware of how they can reduce their risk of developing cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, as much as 80 percent of all cancers are due to identified factors, and thus are potentially preventable. Thirty percent are due to tobacco use, and as much as 35 percent to 50 percent are due to foods. It is easy to control these and other risk factors. What Is Cancer? Cancer begins as a single abnormal cell that... (Read More ...)

Scientists have discovered that fish oil can slash the chance a woman will get breast cancer by approximately a third. (NaturalNews) When you look at statistics about breast cancer, it’s no wonder that the very mention of the disease causes dread in many women. After all, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) says about 210,000 Americans, almost all females, will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and about 40,000 will die from the disease. However, although it’s rarely reported in depth by the mainstream media, there’s actually a lot of good news accumulating about specific... (Read More ...)

If You Have Cancer, You Will Want to Learn This Alternative… “Dr. Max Gerson is known around the world as the father of natural cancer cures. Through his innovative and far-ahead-of-his-time natural healing therapies, many tens of thousands of people have cured their own cancers going all the way back to the 1930’s. Today, the daughter of Dr. Gerson, Charlotte Gerson, carries the torch for the Gerson Therapy and the Gerson Institute ( We were recently able to interview Charlotte Gerson, and this 47-minute conversation became one of the most fascinating dialogs... (Read More ...)

Tips to Help You Quit Your Coffee Habit Going “cold turkey” isn’t always a good idea, especially if you’re a heavy coffee drinker or are especially sensitive to caffeine. As with most drugs, eliminating caffeine from your system can cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Even one cup of coffee a day can create an addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can in­clude: * Headache * Drowsiness and fatigue * Irritability * Depression * Trouble concentrating * Flu-like feelings of nausea and muscle pain In order to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, you should consider tapering off your coffee habit —... (Read More ...)

What Does Your Diet Consist Of?  Take a Good Look At It… I was reading this blog and wanted to share a part of it with you about diet. This is written by Maria Tabone – who is a Holistic Health Practitioner. (I have no affiliation with any of the products listed.) A few suggestions I would like to offer on diet: Remember, small changes bring big victories, be mindful of what you are doing each day when you eat. And don’t use the word diet; it sets you up for failure…refer to it as a “lifestyle.” Read labels and stay away from high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated... (Read More ...)

Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Certain Cancers New research shows if women in the United States had optimal levels of Vitamin D, thousands of cases of breast cancer could be prevented every year! Did you know, according to, Vitamin D can prevent certain cancers as prostate, breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers?  It also helps support the immune system and protects the bones. A blood test is what is needed to find out your levels of Vitamin D.  Today the healthy range is considered to be 32-100 mg/ml.  ( Take note that a normal level is much different from an optimal level.) Dr Northup... (Read More ...)

Foundation of Beautiful Skin – Vital Nutrients For Good Skin Here is a list of important nutrients for healthy skin, and where you would find them. Antioxidants:  Superoxide dismutase, sometimes referred to as (SOD), Glutathione, Betulinic Acid, Pumpkin Wine and Pumpkin Enzymes, Green Tea, Zinc, Vitamin C and Ursolic Acid (an extract of Rosemary) along with other botanical extracts (fresh vibrantly colored fruits and vegetable) which scavenge free radicals that lead to wrinkles and precancerous cell damage. Probiotics:  Potent strains for the “good bugs”  help with Candida... (Read More ...)