Saturday, November 25, 2017
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Energy is the capacity for vigorous activity; available power: an adequate or abundant amount of such power.

When we refer to get more energy naturally, we are referring to getting more energy through lifestyle changes, in a healthy way.  Your body needs energy to operate.

The energy that feeds the body is food consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  These are burned off into energy.

Any living organism relies on an external source of energy—radiation from the Sun in the case of green plants; chemical energy in some form in the case of animals—to be able to grow and reproduce.

The daily 1500–2000 Calories recommended for a human adult are taken as a combination of oxygen and food molecules, the latter mostly carbohydrates and fats, of which glucose  and stearin are convenient examples.

The food molecules are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water in the mitochondria.  The mitochondria are found in the cells which regulate your metabolism.  They are little energy centers in the cells.  The thyroid gland controls their size and number and they turn fat and sugar into energy.

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