Saturday, November 25, 2017
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Hot flashes which occur at night (night sweats) are experienced by many women going toward the transition of menopause.

This explains night sweats cause and treatment.

Estrogen starts to decrease which causes your body to get confused.  An alert is sent to the heart, blood vessels, and nervous system to work harder, which brings on a sudden sensation of intense heat.  When your body cools down, you may be chilled. 

Some suggestions for better sleep even if you are having night sweats:

1- determine how much sleep you need to feel rested
2- do a bedroom makeover:
     Is there too much light?  If so, can you reduce it?
     Is it noisy outside of your window while you try to sleep?  If so, try nature/ocean sounds,  or  earplugs.
3- Is the temperature in the room cool enough?  Advised to keep at 65 - 72 degrees.  The cooler the better.
4- What are you sleeping on?  The material recommended is wicking material.
5- How old is your pillow?  Recommended to replace every 12-18 months.
6- What do you do before bed?  We recommend powering-down. If you have an hour, use it in 3 different segments, split, to do light chores for the next day, take care of your hygiene, rest your mind by reading, meditating, etc. 

The best solution if you are having night sweats, CLICK HERE

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