Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Below are some of my favorite things that worked for me and some I just want to share with you to make your life better!



Night Sweats


 Cool-jams Sleepwear is America’s Top Wicking Pajama Brand.  Cool-jams are the world’s perfect pajamas.  The sleepwear seems to sense what your body needs. The fabric’s thermal regulation properties keep your  body:

  • cool and dry when it’s hot and warm
  • cozy when the temperatures dip
  • perfect for night sweats or other thermal regulation problems
  • quick-drying and lightweight      
  • night gowns or pj’s – lots to choose from
  • sheets and bedding made from same material                                                                 

cool jamssmall200x2000 Products


Perfect for the woman who is in perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause. Trust me – these will make your life so much easier!

By the way, Cool-jams was kind enough to send me a nightgown to review!  I have worn it and I like it!  It is lightweight and so soft.  It really does what they claim it does!  I still have a few night sweats once in a while but this nightgown takes care of that which helps me to sleep through the night comfortably.



Vaginal Dryness


Aloe Cadabra 3 pack Products


Aloe Cadabra Vaginal Lubricant - one I have found that I love to use!  Made with 95% organic Aloe,  which has many healing properties itself.  It also has Vitamin E Oil and a few other healthy ingredients.

Using a high quality product is very important as we are constantly putting toxins into our bodies on a daily basis without even noticing.

Toxins can make a huge difference in the way you will experience symptoms of menopause. They are chemicals being absorbed into your body through your skin and your body doesn’t know how to handle them. Using cheaper, commercial products (body care and skincare products on your skin) over time, can create serious problems.

It is very reasonably priced.  If you don’t like it, Aloe Cadabra will happily refund your money.



 Health/Heart Issues

Breathing – we all think we breathe correctly but we don’t!  Learn the simple secrets that can save your life!

Did you know that…Deep Breathing Exercises result in the loss of valuable carbon dioxide?

Until You Transform Your Breathing, You Can’t Reverse Oxygen Starvation AND Realize Your Healing Potential!

“You Do Not Have To Die of Heart Disease!”  See how inYour Sacred Breathing Hand Book

YSBHBimage 300x300 SacredBreathingHandbook Products

Click HERE To Order “Your Sacred Breathing Handbook”


Progesterone Cream For Hormone Balancing


Over a decade ago, Dr. John Lee first published his research conclusions regarding the health risks associated with the synthetic hormones used in hormone replacement therapy.  He is known as the medical doctor who pioneered the use of transdermal progesterone cream to achieve safe and effective hormonal balance.

The Organic Excellence progesterone creams are formulated to the specifications outlined in Dr. Lee’s best-selling book, “What your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause.”  Sometime all that is needed is a “real” progesterone cream to balance the estrogen in your body.  For more information, go to the Q & A of Organic Excellence products!


organicexc Products




Weight Loss


Are you always searching for the best weight loss program and have tried everything?

We also search for the best weight loss program for you –  safe, effective and permanent.

The Gabriel Method is a holistic process where you determine the underlying causes of your weight gain and let them go.  Once you’ve dealt with the real cause of your weight gain, the process of losing weight is natural and automatic. 

As you can see, Jon is not in menopause nor is he a female, but that does not matter!  His program gets results.

This weight loss method has worked for thousands of men and women around the world!  And it will work for you. 

Find out more about it and see how it can help you lose that unwanted fat so you can be healthier, feel better and look better.


lose weight fast 250x159 Products

Jon Gabriel Method For Weight Loss


Lily Organics Skin Care

Lily Organics is the only organic skin care company in the world that is a USDA Certified Organic Grower!  That is a big deal!   They are filled with Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to us, essential oils, the finest organic ingredients, your skin can’t help but be radiant and glow!

Lily Organics:

  • USDA Certified Organic for your safety
  • Not tested on animals
  • Has only the highest quality ingredients in each product
  • Each product is individually handcrafted so it is fresh

Visit Lily Organics Skin Care – Use Something That Has Mother Nature In Every Bottle



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