Friday, January 19, 2018
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Feeling old when you look into the mirror? Have you ever wished you had taken better care of your skin?

It is never too late!
Over the years, women have admitted to the following fears. Can you relate to any of these?

* Your husband works / volunteers around younger, attractive females.
* Your kids / grand kids are at that age when they don’t want to be seen with you.
* You fear your husband may leave you.
* You think of yourself as over-the-hill, depleted or spent [or weary] . . . definitely unattractive.
* You feel ‘not good enough.’
* You fear ending up alone.
* You compare yourself to others and come up lacking.
* You feel like you need a new face . . . a re-do.


If you think you can’t, then you can’t!  I am here to tell you that you can!


If you’re a consumer of anything these days, you must learn to be discerning. Greed has taken a front seat to integrity and safety.

You must learn what is toxic to your body and remember that what you place on your skin, if its molecules are small enough to be absorbed, is going to end up in your bloodstream. We already have enough challenges with clean air, water and food, don’t you agree?

I have consolidated my many years of research, knowledge and experience into helping to inform you of what is healthiest, affordable and achievable for a ‘woman of a certain age’ (even grandmas and great-grandmas.) Lovely skin can be yours at any age. I will help you achieve it.

Something as seemingly simple as healthier skin can be a powerful boost to your confidence, enthusiasm and empowerment. I am dedicated to being your guide for a healthier, happier you . . . starting with caring for your skin with love, awareness and higher quality choices.

There are, in my opinion, a few important considerations when choosing a skin care line. Do you know what your priorities are?

My criteria for skincare is:

* Do they test on animals or use animal ingredients?
* Are the ingredients toxic for or compatible with my body?
* Is it affordable?
* Do they offer the results I desire?
* Is the company eco-friendly?

The BlackBox Cosmetics RestorationSkin  line is scientifically advanced age-reversal and anti-aging cosmeceuticals. For good, solid, healthy facial care that doesn’t break the bank or take much time.


Benefits of using BlackBox:

  • Cutting-edge ingredients reduce and remove fine lines, wrinkles, scars, age spots and large pores
  • Based on aloe vera instead of water which nurtures your skin
  • Are organically and botanically preserved – do not contain harmful toxic ingredients as preservatives
  • They are made fresh and shipped to you, not sitting on a shelf for months or years
  • Packaged in air-tight / light-blocking containment system to preserve high nutrient value – can not be contaminated by dirty fingers

You can purchase the complete RestorationSkin line for what you usually spend on fewer number of products that are less effective. The products are light and refreshing. They can be used by men and women.

A morning and evening routine takes minimal time while providing maximum results!

I use, trust and freely recommend BlackBox Cosmetics for men, women and teens. The RestorationSkin line I recommend for anyone over the age of forty. This is what is included when ordering the RestorationSkin line. I would also encourage you to add the Balance Face/Prep Toner if possible.


Here are the steps for your morning and evening skincare routine:

1. Frost Face Wash – cleanser for day and evening (one pump)

2. Balance Face/Prep Toner if you choose to order with your RestorationSkin kit. (I recommend it!)

3. Infusion AM – day serum/moisturizer which serves as protection (one pump)

3Little Secret Weapon – for the under-eye area (one half of a pump for both eyes)

4Defiance PM – night serum/moisturizer serves as nourishment while sleeping


Extra Protection used on face and/or body

Radiance AX – body / facial lotion should you need additional coverage in extreme temperatures


Extra Weekly Rejuvenation

The 6-Minute Miracle – microdermabrasion in a jar (I use it weekly for exfoliation and it takes about three minutes.)

Sea-Mask – made from seaweed that grows in pristine waters and packed with minerals and other nutrients. (I use this mask weekly.)


These seven products comprise the set known as RestorationSkin or you can purchase each formulation separately.  Remember that when you run out, you can purchase products separately or as the whole kit again. I believe you will be very happy using these products.


age-defying and under-eye serums



DSC05930_medium RestorationSkin

To Order BlackBox RestorationSkin Product, CLICK HERE!


I encourage you to consider BlackBox’s specialty products, including:
GeniSkin for problem and acne conditions
VuDu Hair Care
Splash Body Care


Any questions, I am here to help you!  Email [email protected] if you need help!


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