Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Do you feel you are afraid of getting older?  Do You have anxiety over how your life is right now and what may happen to you in the future?  Are these signs of menopause? Maybe your kids are grown and they have either left home or they are in college by now – you are your husband now have an empty nest.  So appropriately named, you do really feel empty – as if  you have no purpose, no direction.  You don’t enjoy your job anymore. You used to look forward to going to work – it was such a pleasure.  But so many things have changed in the years you have been working there. You... (Read More ...)

Don’t Assume Your Loved One is in Good Hands My Mom, who is 79 years of age, just had a shoulder replacement. She fell on uneven pavement while in Virginia during Christmas holiday. When she was taken to the emergency room at Mary Washington Hospital, she had an x-ray and was told that she would not need any surgery. It would heal. When she got back to Colorado where she lives, we took her to the doctor who did her hip replacement two years ago. We really like him and trust his opinion. The doctor said she needed surgery on that arm right away. He said her shoulder was broken in four... (Read More ...)

Exercise For Your Brain by Susan Tolles One inarguable fact of aging—the older we get, the fuzzier our brains get. Whether it’s from hormonal imbalances, years of multi-tasking, or just plain being tired, our memory fades and we find it harder to concentrate on the smallest tasks. We enter a room and wonder “why did I come in here?” We forget to put on our mascara before going out, and we can’t remember the names of people we’ve known for years. To keep our brains healthy, we are encouraged to “exercise” them regularly. According to Our Best Brain, things like learning a new language,... (Read More ...)