Sunday, February 25, 2018
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As a dieter trying to lose weight, do you eat or drink anything that contains aspartame? When my client Shalene told me she had been trying to lose weight, she also said she had struggled everyday with her sugar addiction.  She found it very difficult to get through the day without sugar. So as a dieter, she switched from sugar to aspartame.  As Shalene put it,  “After all, aspartame doesn’t have any calories and it has an okay taste.” Unfortunately, most people do what Shalene did.  They start using artificial sweeteners like aspartame, thinking they are doing something good... (Read More ...)

Menopause Tip:  Aspartame Danger Do you drink diet soda?  Do you eat sugar-free foods?  Do you feel like crap and don’t know why?  Do you have symptoms and when you are examined by your health professional, nothing is ever found?  Did you ever hear about aspartame danger? Do you have headaches?  Have a hard time getting quality sleep?  Have anxiety and don’t know why?  Heart palpitations?  Some of these symptoms would be blamed on menopause but this is worth checking out. There are over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consumption according to Dr.... (Read More ...)