Thursday, February 22, 2018
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We know that the foods and the quality of foods we ingest do have an affect on our health. The better your health when you are going through menopause, the easier your transition will be and the less symptoms you will have to deal with. This is what I experienced while going through menopause. My diet and and exercise helped to greatly improve my lifestyle.  -Sheri Goddard Did you know that alternative cancer treatment has grown into a powerful movement that’s catching on quickly all over the world?  And it has led to the growing realization that cancer is curable!  In fact, numerous advanced... (Read More ...)

Diet and Cancer Research   Of the many diseases that affect people these days, cancer is among the most feared. But despite a wealth of scientific data, most people remain unaware of how they can reduce their risk of developing cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, as much as 80 percent of all cancers are due to identified factors, and thus are potentially preventable. Thirty percent are due to tobacco use, and as much as 35 percent to 50 percent are due to foods. It is easy to control these and other risk factors. What Is Cancer? Cancer begins as a single abnormal cell that... (Read More ...)

If You Have Cancer, You Will Want to Learn This Alternative… “Dr. Max Gerson is known around the world as the father of natural cancer cures. Through his innovative and far-ahead-of-his-time natural healing therapies, many tens of thousands of people have cured their own cancers going all the way back to the 1930’s. Today, the daughter of Dr. Gerson, Charlotte Gerson, carries the torch for the Gerson Therapy and the Gerson Institute ( We were recently able to interview Charlotte Gerson, and this 47-minute conversation became one of the most fascinating dialogs... (Read More ...)

Protect Your Family From Cancer-Causing Chemicals Here is an interesting site I came across and wanted to share with you. The foods we eat, may not be as healthy as we think they are. There are more than 3000 different food additives that are purposefully added to our food supply. Some of them are known to cause cancer! How is this possible? Even though the Delaney Clause of the 1958 Food Additives Amendment states that any additives shown to cause cancer in humans or animals are not permitted to be added to our food, political pressure has caused the FDA to relax these standards and allow “small... (Read More ...)

Chemotherapy vs Alternative Cures You may still think of Suzanne Somers as Chrissy, the dumb blonde we used to watch on televsion. I have a great respect for her because of her passion for teaching people to look at alternative choices before giving in to the conventional methods that may or may not help. In Knockout, she interviews a variety of doctors who are curing cancer. As the author of the New York Times bestseller, “Knockout: Interviews with doctors who are curing cancer,” Suzanne Somers is making waves across the cancer industry. Her powerful, inspired message of informed hope... (Read More ...)

Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Certain Cancers New research shows if women in the United States had optimal levels of Vitamin D, thousands of cases of breast cancer could be prevented every year! Did you know, according to, Vitamin D can prevent certain cancers as prostate, breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers?  It also helps support the immune system and protects the bones. A blood test is what is needed to find out your levels of Vitamin D.  Today the healthy range is considered to be 32-100 mg/ml.  ( Take note that a normal level is much different from an optimal level.) Dr Northup... (Read More ...)