Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Are You Creating Some Good Family Memories? If you have been following me on Facebook or a recent post, you will have noticed that my daughter and two granddaughters were invited to move in with my husband and I.  Temporarily, of course!  (They want it to be temporary as much as we do.) It has been an interesting time, to say the least.  We have all had to make many compromises and get used to each others personalities.  At first, it seemed overwhelming to us.  There was a period of adjustment just to be able to handle more people in “our space.” Writing this reminds me of my... (Read More ...)

Have you heard of the “Sandwich Generation?”  It was new to me. I guess being at the age of 54 years now, I am considered part of the “sandwich generation.”  People like me are feeling the pressure or “squeeze” of their children (or grand children maybe) and also the pressure of taking care of their aging parents. Because of the economic situation going on right now, my husband and I invited my daughter and two grand daughters from Virginia to come and live with us  I am sure a lot of people are having to do the same around the country. Having the luxury... (Read More ...)