Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Have you tried all the “popular diets” with no lasting results? Here is a story about Nancy.  She contacted us because she help with a natural weight loss program.  After speaking with Nancy, she admitted that she was not aware of the thoughts she was telling herself everyday about her body and her weight.  She also was not aware about how detrimental they were to her weight loss efforts! Nancy had tried all the popular diets over the years and some worked for her for the first few months, then all of a sudden, she would start gaining weight! Every time she started one of these... (Read More ...)

Dieting is big business! Over the air and through massive magazine ad campaigns, you hear and read promises of quick, safe, and guaranteed weight loss—-for a fee.  There is always information about the newest and best diet going!  Like a lot of things, it is good marketing because dieting doesn’t work. How many diets have you tried? Although most diet and fitness guides don’t keep accurate information of their results, informal surveys have revealed that very few dieters will have maintained their weight loss at the end of one year.   It may surprise you to learn the people who... (Read More ...)